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Mitral Valve Replacement

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remplacement valvulaire mitral vidéo-assisté Dr Doisy clinique du Tonkin Villeurbanne France
The technique of implanting a Prosthetic Mechanical Heart Valve using continuous suture technique in a Rheumatic afflicted Mitral Valve causing Critical Mitral Stenosis. The valve used was the Indian manufactured TTK-Chitra Heart Valve (size #27). The patient went home after 7 days stay in the hospital and is significantly improved functional status and leading a normal life.
Cardiac Surgical Skills Laboratory
Training Procedures:

Mitral Valve Replacement : Intra annular Pledgeted everting mattress sutures

Cardiac surgery training video from Wetlab Ltd
Mitral valve replacement in severe rheumatic mitral stenosis. Dr. Rezwanul Hoque Bulbul, MBBS,MS,FCPS,FRCSG,FRCSEd

Mitral Valve Replacement : Supra annular implantation with mattress sutures
Cardiac surgery training video from Wetlab Ltd