Mink DeVille: Mink Deville - Spanish stroll (1978), Mink DeVille - I Must Be Dreaming - Willie DeVille, Mink DeVille - Just To Walk That Little Girl Home

Mink DeVille

Mink Deville - Spanish stroll (1978)

Hey Mr. Jim I can see the shape you're in
Got your finger on your eyebrow
And left hand on your hip
Thinking that you're such a lady killer
Think you're so slick!
Alright, slick

Brother Johny, he caught a plane and he got on it
Now he's a razor in the wind
And he got a pistol in his pocket
They say the man is crazy on the West Coast
Ain't no doubt about it!
Let's go
Spanish Stroll

Sister Sue tell me baby what are we gonna do
She said you take two candles,
And then you burn them out
Make a paper boat, set a march to it
And then you sendit out. send it out now..

Spanish Stroll
Spanish Stroll
Spanish Stroll

Hey Rosita! Donde vas con mi carro Rosita?
tu sabes que te quiero
pero ti me quitas todo
ya te robasta mi television y mi radio
y ahora quiere llevarse mi carro
no me haga asi, rosita
ven aqui

Mink DeVille - I Must Be Dreaming. 1985 Promo Music Video. Album Sportin' Life. Willie De Ville. As seen on Rage Goes Retro ABC TV Australia Rock Arena. Willy DeVille was an American singer and songwriter. During his thirty-five-year career, first with his band Mink DeVille and later on his own, Willie created original songs rooted in traditional American musical styles.
Born: August 25, 1950, Stamford, Connecticut,USA. Sadly Willie died of pancreatic cancer aged 58 on August 6, 2009 in New York City. Othe
Mink DeVille es una banda de rock estadounidense fundada en 1974 en San Francisco, California (Estados Unidos). El líder, cantante y compositor principal del grupo fue Willy DeVille.
Harlem Nocturn
Slow Drain
Savoir Faire
Cadillac Walk
Mixed Up Shook Up Girl
Just Your Friends
Can't Do Without It
Love And Emotions
Love Me Like You Did Before
She's So Tough
You Better Move On
Teardrops Must Fall
Steady Driving Man
Just Gives Me One Good Reason
Maybe Tomorrow
This Must Be The Night
Spanish Stroll
Lipstick Traces


Same Concert - Ringlockschuppen Bielefeld Germany 2008
Mink DeVille - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 6/7/1978 - Winterland (San Francisco, CA)

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0:00:00 - Venus Of Avenue D
0:06:26 - Gunslinger
0:09:09 - Spanish Stroll
0:12:55 - Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
0:17:52 - Just Your Friends
0:22:30 - Guardian Angel
0:26:52 - Cadillac Walk
0:30:57 - Steady Drivin' Man
0:34:34 - Soul Twist
0:37:35 - Just You 'n' Me
Willy DeVille performs Cadillac Walk
DeVille died of pancreatic cancer on August 6, 2009 in a New York hospital. He was 58 years old
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1982 found Mink DeVille in the middle of the transition from their CBGBs New York punk origins to a more subtle, rootsier sound blending soul, R & B, Cajun and other influences. Lead by the late Willy DeVille, whose unique style and inimitable gravelly voice always made them stand out from the crowd, Mink DeVille released their first album in 1977 and imediately had a huge hit with the track Spanish Stroll. By the time of this ap
Live at the Torhout-Werchter festival (Belgium) July 4 th 1982


Playlist Full Concerts
01 Savoir Faire
02 Cadillac Walk 3:10
03 Mixed Up Shook Up Girl 8:10
04 Just Your Friends 12:35
05 Can't Do Without It 16:30
06 Love And Emotions 20:12
07 Love Me Like You Did Before 24:23
08 She's So Tough 27:27
09 You Better Move On 30:30
10 Teardrops Must Fall 34:00
11 Steady Driving Man 38:50
12 Just Gives Me One Good Reason 44:20
13 Maybe Tomorrow 47:27
14 This Must Be The Night 50:45
15 Spanish Stroll 54:00
16 Lipstick Traces 57:22
17 M