MiO Watering Hole - Cheetah: MiO Energy: Watering Hole, Cheetah смотреть онлайн

MiO Watering Hole - Cheetah

Avoiding the mechanical output that often comes with traditional motion capture techniques, Psyop instead interpreted the live action performances, translating them into the world of the spot. This gave Psyop's animators creative freedom to sculpt performances and massage comedic timing. The spot's lush look is the result of a novel approach to production that effectively dissolves the line between live action and animation.

Advertising Agency: TAXI,
Drink your tired water at home. This is the Watering Hole, where Loris, Cheetah, Rhino and the rest of the locals come to Shake Things Up with MiO. Step inside and meet the characters.

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