Merle Travis - 16 Tons: USA, The Cover Series: 16 TONS (Merle Travis) Cover by Kawehi (FOR CROWDLINGS), Merle Travis - 16 tons (Bakinowski cover), 16 TONS

Merle Travis - 16 Tons

Happy Music Monday! I'm back with another cover for a USA backer - CROWDLINGS. Love these older tunes - they get my insides all gooey. Thank you for making all of this happen, CROWDLINGS!! As always, say WASABI!: Tune in tomorrow for another video - I'll be putting up one a day for the next week! k.

This very simple arrangement was enjoyed by the great Big Jim Sullivan, and due to this and to my ' I Got Rhythm' version, we became friends...a great joy and honor for me, he was a wonderful Artist and a great person. RIP Jim.