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Bueno soy nuevo en esto pero aqui os traigo nuevo trailerr!!!

Killzone Mercenary (PlayStation Vita) trailer.

War has come to Vekta. As the ISA and Helghast tear each other apart, mercenaries are in high demand. Tooled up with a devastating arsenal of weapons, these guns-for-hire can turn the tide of the war in just one shot. Soldiers may die for honour, or for freedom -- but mercenaries survive for money. War is your business...

©2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Killzone is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Killzone: Mercenary is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Americ
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by sPynnk0
Англоязычный наёмник ВСУ попал в кадр, после обстрела градом Мариуполя 24.01.15
Mercenaries – это модификация игры Mount and Blade: Warband.
Вы сможете создать постоянного персонажа, выбирать его умения на свое усмотрение, зарабатывать золото и достижения за убийство игроков и участие в битвах. А на это золото - купить оружие и броню на любой вкус и цвет.
Rail Yard as Chris' alternate costume. This is one of the pre-order maps. This was my first run of the map (except for some quick exploration to find the time bonuses) so that might explain my not-so-amazing gameplay on this map.

By the way, I won't be checking all comments until I've completed the game. There's already been one guy randomly posting major spoilers in the comments, so I'll just keep away for now.

A little bit sloppy here and there, but hey, 150 combo! I was too lazy to record commentary this time.


Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Langua...
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Killzone: Mercenary trailer from E3 2013.

Developed by Guerilla Games Cambridge, Killzone™: Mercenary is an upcoming first person shooter for the PlayStation®Vita. Play as the all-new Mercenary faction, taking on paid contracts not only from the dangerous ISA, but the vicious Helghast as well. There is no good. There is no evil. There is only the mission... And the money.

Pre-order Killzone: Mercenary and receive Blackjack's Briefcase, containing access to th
Долго ждали мой мувик? На этот раз он очень динамичный!
Приятного просмотра!)
Video anterior:
Video siguiente:
Join the Corps to fight other players and viral-mutated monsters as your own customized mercenary. Check out the interchangeable suite of gear and weapon varieties in this video.

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Online coop with Cat Wesker! First time I got 150 combo on steel beast, whoo!

0:00 - First attempt
11:56 - Second attempt (well, actually something like fifth attempt)

Официальная группа фильма Хардкор (Hardcore Henry) -
Whoo! I added a link annotation at the start of the video so it's easy to skip the part where I only run around to get time bonuses.

A run I did for the event (even though the event seems a bit silly considering the rewards are so low). I used power counter skill during this run.

I also recorded some failed attempts at doing this run, I might upload those for the heck of it.

12:28 - Considering how much I hate the magnum zombies, that dual knee melee is probably the most satisfying kill I've done.

Солдыты Удачи

The Kiev Junta offense.

Catherine Nollan about foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian National Guard

In recent years, faced with the growing protest against Ukrainians fratricidal war in the Donbass, the Kiev junta began to seek the assistance of foreign mercenaries, which must compensate the reluctance to participate in professional military punitive actions against the militias.
Иностранные наемники на Украине правда или вымысел?! - Украина новости сегодня.

Ukraine - Foreign mercenaries in the Ukrainian army the truth or fiction?!

Использованный видеоматериал - ссылки:

Online coop with cat wesker. Sorry about the lack of voice chat, I didn't have that set up for this. I wasn't even planning on recording until I realized we started getting some really good runs. I wasn't the host for this, so that's the reason you'll see some delayed reactions when hitting enemies.<br/><br/>
Me and Adam playing duo on High Seas. Not an amazing run, but I'm uploading primarily because I wanted to figure out how the hidden boss appeared.

Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer And Single Player New Gameplay Video
Compilation Of All Footage.

Рецепт долголетия от бурятского шамана: нехуй шастать в Украину
Facebook, ВК, Одн, Twitter - "OmTV". Канал существует только благодаря вашим ПРОСМОТРАМ видео и рекламных объявлений во время наших видео в Youtube, вашим ПОДПИСКАМ на канал, вашим ЛАЙКАМ и РЕПОСТАМ. Благодарим, что ВЫ с нами.
О ВИДЕО. Пророссийские террористы и наемники неприятно удивлены мощью украинской армии. На этом фоне кремлевские "вояки" страдают галлюцинациями, в каждом виде вооружения замечая американский след...

Pro-Russian terrorists and mercenaries unpleasantly surprised by the power of the Ukrainian army. Against this background, the Kremlin's "warriors" suffer hallucinations, in every kind of weapons noticing American footprint ...

* * *
Уважаемые гости и зрители канала, убедительная просьба - чтобы смотреть и делиться видео, используйте, пожалуйста, ссылку, НЕ СКАЧИВАЙТЕ РОЛИК. На Youtube выбирайте под видео опцию ПОДЕЛИТЬСЯ или ДОБАВИТЬ В плейлист на
the mods
wesker Red
new mercy stage - Train Yard
TO download the stage

Coop run with car2010. Skills used are power counter (me) and time bonus+.

The start of this run is a bit silly as I didn't wanna pick up any time bonuses due to me not having time bonus+ equipped, which meant I go around doing nothing for about a minute. Looking at this run again, I took a huge risk using a fire grenade at the end there, but fortunately it worked out!

Playing as Ada for the first time. She seems to be one of the harder characters to play as. She's got plenty of fancy moves though.

A run I did for the steel beast event. I tried to keep some napads alive a bit longer to kill them later in the combo, although I don't think it paid off. You'd have to keep them alive for very long for them to make a huge difference in score. There's some frame drops around the 4 minute mark in the video, that's due to the recording and not the game. It's normal again 1 minute after.

At the end of the video there's some footage of 2 failed runs:

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Another new quest for you guys. I hope that it'll help you :)

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The latest Killzone: Mercenary patch (1.11) came with PlayStation TV compatibility. Here is gameplay of the first mission.

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Developed by Guerilla Games Cambridge, Killzone™: Mercenary is an upcoming first person shooter for the PlayStation®Vita. Play as the all-new Mercenary faction, takin -- Украина, пришло время Юго-Востока!

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И другое интересное видео: - Глазами очевидца!Боец самообороны рассказывает как все было при атаке на блокпост в пригороде Славянска. - колонна российской бронетехнику уже у самой границы г.Новошахтинск - Путин дает добро на учения возле границ Украины - Славянск.Операция СПЕЦНАЗА или мордой в асфаль
I will... get... that... 150 combo... in solo! I must!

Session drum cam by Eugene Ryabchenko (Afgrund, Castrum, Locracy) playing Banisher's "The Fatal Parable of a Certain Mercenary" (Live in Warszawa, ...
Whoo, new RE6 maps released today! This was my first attempt doing this map, so please ignore the fact I'm doing this very sloppily. The maps are fortunately rather cheap (1 dollar each), but it's a bit disappointing it took Capcom this long to release the maps when they were already finished. Just 2 more maps waiting to be released now. Hopefully those will be released soon... OMG OGROMAN FOOT!

Hub des vidéos d'aide sur Wynncraft:
Salut à tous, Aujourd'hui on se retrouve pour une solution/explication de la quête Th...

Try out the veteran of Dual Wielding, the Mercenary.

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В данном видео я показываю процесс взлома указанной игры, и получаю приятный сюрприз ) Какой? Увидите в видео )

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Когда ты наемник, всегда случаются мелкие неприятности, но на этот раз опасность угрожает самым близким людям солдата удачи Джона Сигера. Чтобы спасти семью, он с группой хорошо вооруженных солдат должен провернуть тайную операцию по спасению из тюрьмы сына могущественного мафиози. Но Джон обнаруживает, что его подставили, наступило время расплаты…
Complex - Beautiful Lies (DnB Step)

че-то последнюю неделю лагает сильно( из-за этого фрапсил мало

Короткая история одного боевика у передовой Шейх Максуда

Short story of one mercenary near the Sheikh Maqsud
Syrian MoD | 10 Apr 2017 | SAA+VKS continue fighting in Homs province.
МО САР |10 апреля 2017 | САА+ВКС проводят воен ...
Coop run with Adam, with gar and skkyzelda as (quiet) cheerleaders.<br/><br/>
A failed coop run with adam I decided to upload because of random silliness, specifically Adam going flying at the end! Gar, skkyzelda and ryman are cheerleaders in the video and they babble quite a bit. Babble babble!

If people wanna skip the chatter about Cher and the various javo flying, here's the highlight with Adam flying: 7:28 - And here's Adam's video with it happening:<br/><br/>
so, i try again. thanks for watching :з
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Whoo, 150 combo! There's a whole bunch of mistakes in this video, but whoo, 150 combo!

I discovered one very valuable trick in the stage which is to knock the regenerator (I keep forgetting their real name) into the lava. As far as I know, this is the only way to get rid of them permanently and have it count as a kill. It's a very valuable kill as well, you get 5000 points as base score and they count as a secret boss combo kill, which means the later they're killed in the combo, the more points you
Видео посвящено одноименной игре.
Видео: Junketsu no Maria
Музыка: Ordo Templi Boreis - Halberds
Whoo, this means I've got 150 combo on all maps in solo! I think rail yard ended up being the hardest one. Steel beast is tricky for keeping the combo alive but the enemies are easy to manage for the most part, but in rail yard the combo is tricky to keep alive AND the enemies just become super mean far into the run.

I kept using the ladder to switch to the top floor, but after doing some runs I found that just using the stairs worked a lot better. There's too many things which can go wrong with the
Interview :
More Gameplay :

Some of the first In-Game Footage.
Game Released on September 18th 2013.

4v4 MULTIPLAYER , 6 Maps , 3 Game Modes

Same game engine with Killzone 3, same physics engine with Killzone 3 (Havok).

Starting just after the ending of the original Killzone, and revisiting many of the events from the Killzone tr
Мок канал -
Плейлист -
Two Steps From Hell (Battlecry) -
Music for the soul -
Jessica Curry (OST) -
Life is Strange (OST) -
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24 april 2017 | Hama | VKS+SyAF carry out bomb strikes on targets NATO mercenaries (Nusra/ISIS) to the north of Halfaya.
24 de abril de 2017 | VKS...
Mercenary II is add-on for Severance: Blade of Darkness videogame. Here is walkthrough I made at request. You can download this add-on here: http:/...

This bust belongs to the "Monuments of Glory-2" collection and...

If you thought the battle lines were clear, you've not seen the whole story.

Soldier, you' re a Mercenary now!

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☝Заходи! Всегда есть, что посмотреть :)

Если фильм изъят, ищите его тут
Pew pew!

Thanks to Adam for pre-order map codes for PS3 version!

В кровавой бойне, устроенной международным террористом Фениксом, погибает жена бизнесмена Джонаса Эмблера. Миллионер, чудом оставшийся в живых, жаждет мести и нанимает капитана Ястреба - единственного, кто способен справиться с Фениксом, чтобы вместе сним отправиться в самое логово террориста...
Новости игрового мира -
Мир PlayStation 4 -

Монтаж, сценарий - Адиль Саберов
Текст, озвучка - Леонид Родин aka DeadP47

150 combo on catacombs! I think this might actually be the easiest stage to get a 150 combo on, as long as you're using a character which can easily handle the bosses. Unlike mining the depths and urban chaos, you never get zombies with guns or zombie dogs, which makes the later part of the run far less hectic. And most of these zombies are easy to counter and they quickly die to counters. It's actually a very good stage in general to just practice counters on.

"Welcome The Sickness" - MERCENARY
(from "Through Our Darkest Days")
Directed & Produced by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie
Ну что тут сказать, все чушь выкладывают, дак и я выложу :D

Oooh boy this one was challenging, there was just SO MUCH happening at once, BUT! It came up in the Wheel Decide, and I animated it, as per the sel...
Предлагаю всем заторчать от этой песни ибо про наёмников :-)
UKRAINE WAR LAST NEWS TODAY(the best new and hot vidio) Subscribe to the channel!!!THANK YOU War in Donbass - fighting on the territory of Donetsk and Lugans...

Ukraine News Today 08 02 2015,Serbian mercenaries fighting for the DNR.

Ukraine War 06,02,2015 Serbian mercenaries fighting for the DNR Ukraine News.

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UKRAINE WAR LAST NEWS TODAY(the best new and hot vidio) Subscribe to the channel!!!THANK YOU War
New Gold Collection Legionnaire Avatar: Mercenary Legionnaire
+ Mercenary Legionnaire brings a new type of interaction to Newerth! This avatar includes a Legion and Hellbourne version, and the appropriate character will display in-game depending on which team you join. Each version has its own Legion and Hellbourne model, texture, effects, voice, and sound effects.
+ Legionnaires are the namesakes of the Legion itself, and when they take the battlefield with their massive battle-axes, the razor-sharp blades
Американские каратели попали в кадр съемочной группы Мариупольской Службы Новостей

Оригинал репортажа:

Online coop with car2010. We tried to keep some of the napads alive longer to increase the score, although they died earlier than we wanted.

В Донецкой области убит один из самых известных иностранных наемников, который воевал на стороне украинских силовиков. Макс Паславски ради того, чтобы попасть в батальон Коломойского "Донбасс" даже принял украинское гражданство. Профессиональный военный, окончивший самую престижную в США академию West Point, погиб в боях под Иловайском, который сейчас штурмуют силы Нацгвардии.

A Tribute to the most under appreciated SOB'S On the battlefield an odd lot to say the least myself included here's to those out there earning the Spoils of War and congrats to those of us Lucky Enough to make it home to count it. to those still holding the line God Bless God speed and Good luck
by Niks
Introducing the newest skin to join the battleground of the gods - Modern Mercenary Nemesis! Available in the 4.1 Season Four patch, available Jan...
۩۞۩Исторические Фильмы۩۞۩

Экранизация романа Уилбура Смита.
Середина 1960-х. Отряд наемников во главе с капитаном Карри передвигается по обьятому огнем гражданской войны Конго. Впереди их ждут сражения с вооружёнными до зубов повстанцами, спасение заложников и возвращение необработанных алмазов на десятки миллионов долларов...
Gold Collection Mercenary Legionnaire is available now!

Legionnaires are the namesakes of the Legion itself, and when they take the battlefield with their massive battle-axes, the razor-sharp blades blessed by the fiery blood of the Sacred Order, there is no daemon who can stand before their terrifying charge. But when these courageous warriors do fall, their corpses are like treasure to the Hellbourne, who claim the lifeless meat and bone as their own and imbue it with a corrupted essence. The result is a
Разбор Panic! at the disco-mercenary (куплет) #разборзаминуту #урокиэльфа #урокигитары #игранагитаре #вгитаре #игравгитару #школагитары #panicatthedisco
Разбор Panic! at the disco-mercenary (вступление) #разборзаминуту #урокиэльфа #урокигитары #игранагитаре #вгитаре #игравгитару #школагитары #panicatthedisco
Another 150 combo, whoo! This might look more sloppy than my other solo videos as I was experimenting more how to properly counter j'avos. I was using "power counter" skill during this run.

Год выпуска: 1999
Страна: США
Жанр: боевик, триллер
Описание: Когда в диких джунглях Центральной Америки исчезает крупный финансист Чарли Лав, партнерша пропавшего Патриция Ван Лир отправляет на его поиски капитана Хоука, опытного специалиста по спасению людей. Вскоре капитан выясняет, что Чарли находится в лагере жестокого наркобарона полковника Холдена, с которым у Хоука старые счеты. Вызволив финансиста из плена, Хоук узнает, что Чарли прятался в крепости наркобарона от убийц своей нечистоплотной партнерши! Капитан понимает, что стал центральной фигурой в тайномзаговоре. Для спасения своей жизни он теперь должен уничтожить того, кого был нанят спасти, но у наемников есть своя честь. Затерянные в непроходимых джунглях, преследуемые бойцами полковника Холдена и наемными убийцами Ван Лир, Хоук и Лав должны действовать сообща, чтобы победить своих могущественных врагов. Хотя битва кажется уже проигранной.
Music: Switch Fusion – Mercenary (Original Mix)

Uqie's PC
i5 3570 3,4GHz
Nvidia GTX970
Kingston 2x4GB

My PC:
i7 4790kт 4,8GHz
Asus Maximus VI Impact
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB
Integrated Graphics
Coop with Adam, and Ryman as cheerleader. Realized a bit late I didn't have any 150 combo video of this map yet so I decided to quickly record this.

Major Lunah Ex-Aristeia! Sniper (Viral Sniper Rifle), Mercenaries, 360º View
Название: Exclusive Gameplay Reveal - A Guide to Weaponry

Video with the episodes of the clash of Kiev junta and the self-defense of Donbas.

The English speech is clearly heard at the end of the video. American mercenary commands the Kiev gunmen (2:20 and later).

Ukrainian democracy is the most transparent.

New video of Mercenaries on Resident Evil 6.

For more information visit
Para mais informações visite

Resident Evil re1 re2 re3 re4 re5 re6 Chris Redfield Jill Valentine Leon Kennedy jogos games mercenaries ps1 ps2 ps3 xbox 360 2012 Gamescom SDCC Comic Con operation raccon city dead space lost planet justin bieber "Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform)" "Justin Bieber (Singer)" Trailer HD hd Officilal San diego Prototype2 ga
Попытка записать стрим с 3DS. Уже лучше по кадрам, чем в прошлый раз...
Meat Loaf & John Parr - Rock'n'Roll Mercenaries (1986)
Leon shows in Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries "Urban Chaos" his awesome skills. Not all Time-Bonus clocks were activated. No Combo-Bonus. With the ability to move AND shoot there is a heavy more dynamic gameplay than in Resident Evil 5. A deadly counter-attack adds 10 more seconds, instead of the usual 5 sec. Please notice, that Capcom integrated a all new skillsystem. You are able to customize the Character Skills to you own preferences, like a faster reload-time and more power for melee-attacks. As always: K
"Buongiorno, sono un giornalista italiano. Vorrei intervistarvi. È possibile?". Inizia così la nostra avventura nel mondo dei contractors jihadis...
In progress:

The return of Hunk´s neckbreaker =)
Krauser and Wesker can use dodge super speed
Enhanced some melee moves.
Progress: 85%
Compatible with zandronum

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A full mercs run with the agent, who's only available via modding right now. Capcom has stated there will be a patch adding access to No Hope and coop for Ada's campaign for free. I assume the agent will be available then too.

17:39 - In case of a zombie apocalypse emergency: run around in a circle! This is one of my few succesful enemy swaps in the game, only it lead to just a civilian running around in a circle doing nothing so not exactly exciting.

Gameplay of the new Mercenaries: No Mercy mode for Resident Evil 6 on PC, coming on March 22nd.

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