Mercedes-Benz - The Journey: Mercedes-Benz TV: Journey to the heart of car design, Mercedes-Benz - The journey (Hidden scene), New E-Class TV commercial “The

Mercedes-Benz - The Journey

The journey into the heart of automotive design takes us to the very nucleus itself. Every Mercedes-Benz model is designed at or its appearance managed by the Design Center in Sindelfingen near Stuttgart, Germany. A rare look at the creative soul of a worldwide brand.<br/><br/>
Length: 0’20“ – shot on ARRI Alexa
With the next generation of Intelligent Drive inside of the new E-Class which can recognize dangerous situations and acts accordingly, Mercedes-Benz takes the next step on the way to autonomous driving. Let the TV commercial “The Journey” take you on a journey through the development of autonomous driving. The new E-Class. Masterpiece of intelligence. For more information go to

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Mercedes-Benz - The Journey (90")


Author: Andreas Bruns, Gunnar Heuwold
Director: Andreas Bruns
Producer: Dominko Gudelj
DoP: Roland Stuprich
Editor: Philipp Ostermann
Production Design: Cosima Vellenzer
Sounddesign: Domink Leube
Music: Philipp Feit, Roman Rossbach
Singer: Mia Spengler
Post Production: Mark Dauth, Valentin Grünberg, Heiko Leitsch