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Memories Broken - информация об исполнителе
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Американские металкорщики Atreyu выпустили новое видео. ®

Song: Memories Of A Broken Heart
Artist: Crown The Empire
Album: The Fallout


Fellow Dallas Texans, and I'm in full of support of these guys. And in appreciation of the awesome music they drop, this is what I do: cover their songs.

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Our First Single

I don't own anything, I just made this video. From the album "The Fallout" Subscribe. I am taking requests c:

This is the Memories of a broken heart I was talking about in my previous one. Hope you enjoy as I did learn by ear!:) - информация об исполнителе
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Atmospheric / Depressive Black Metal from Chile

From the "Broken Memories Of Nostalgia" Single released in 2014

Broken memories,
Silent innocence in your mind,
Was the end of my days,
You chill, my only consolation
And my only weapon to destroy myself,
My memories are broken now,
Everything good he had,
Has gone with you,
I now regret my memories,
Shit I felt,
All the pain you caused me,
Now I swallow whole,
Now I destroy myself,
I regret myself for all these feelings
The sun has disappeared for me,
The broken memories full of nostalgia
Have appeared,
You took my hope,
My light...
Now I am in an empty flat
Not knowing what I will do,
Unable to live
You took my life
And sad little happiness I had,
I tried to lie to myself,
I forgive you always,
But each time it was worse,
It was horrible.
Now I know it is better to be away from you,
Perhaps more suffering,
But damn weight lie to myself,
Always love you but I always despise
Not try to save me,
When I did my best for you,
Every tear, every pain
I'm paying a high pr
Tittle: Broken Memories of Nostalgie
Album: November Moon (Single)
Band: Nostalgie Depression
Country: Chile
Year: 2014
Released in 2014 for Depressive Illusions Records an CVLMINIS RECORDS.
Music: Adramelejch
Lyrics: Adramelejch
Vocals: Satanic Tony

Broken Memories of Nostalgia

Broken memories,
silent innocence in your mind,
was the end of my days,
you chill, my only consolation
and my only weapon to destroy myself,
my memories are broken now,
everything good he had,
has gone with you,
I now regr
Chilling dubstep tune by Skyvoice. This piano is sooo melodic and emotional at the same time that it makes genre like dubstep very smooth and warming.

Free Download:

Skyvoice is a 19 year old EDM Producer and Piano Composer from US. He creates primarily Liquid Drum & Bass and Melodic Dubstep music, and also some TranceStep and DreamStep.

Support the artist if you like this track!

This is a song I made a few weeks ago but didn't felt like it fit into any of the bands I currently play in, so i decided to release it myself as some kind of "guitar playthrough" thingy. I think it turned out alright, give me feedback in the comments!

Contact me if you want to use it!!!!

My bands: (Visual Kei) (Metalcore)

As I stare into these ruins made by man
I tremble as I realize it's the end
More and more I wonder what we could have done
But instead we wage a war that can't be won
Yeah instead we wage a war that can't be won

I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved
Memories of a broken heart.
Now I'm alone in the dark.

Crown the Empire performing their acoustic version of Memories of a Broken Heart on May 12th, 2013 at The Social in Orlando, Florida.
Ignore me singing along:p

Демонстрационный показ игры Audiosurf2 под песню Crown The Empire – Memories Of A Broken Heart.
on November. 12th, 2013 on the Start From the Bottom, Now We're Here Tour featuring The Word Alive, I See Stars, Crown the Empire, DayShell, and Palisades, at the Opera House in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Johnny's Revenge
Memories of a Broken Heart
Makeshift Chemistry
Children of Love
Oh, Catastrophe
The Fallout


Please Li
Переиграли Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams в более лучшей версии, НО еще неполной, так как временно отсутствует соло гитарист, будет выложена новая версия позже....

Want to just skip to the part where they just play? Then go to 1:05 (;

Johnny Ringo Lyrics and song:
Lead Me Out of the Dark Acoustic:

This is a mediocre video I recorded as they were streaming their Live webcam over on 5/21/13.

Their audio was a bit off so it may be choppy at parts.

They played this song specifically by fan request from
@ клуб Космонавт, СПб 16.02.15
ЯмаПи x Маки x Тома
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Crown The Empire – Memories Of A Broken Heart

Контакты / Contacts:
Produced shot, directed, and edited by Albert Gonzalez.
Coloring and visual effects by John Hale.
Starring Jenna Beasley and Daniel Regalado
Одна из песен, которые мы переигрывали! Кавер на Green Day. Запись была сделана, когда у нас еще не было ударной установки, поэтому заменял барабаны Клавишник!<br/><br/>
Michael Jessen "Broken Heart"
Debut Album "Memories" released by Massacre Records
Crown the Empire performing Memories of a Broken Heart acoustic at the Fubar in St. Louis Missouri.

AHMIR... Sing-Sing, Big Mike, Mr. Jones KC

R.I.P. Whitney Houston (1963-2012)
Lithuanian Alternative Metal / Post-Grunge band from Vilnius.
While a son struggles with his father’s Alzheimer’s, a beautiful and mysterious caregiver heals family wounds before the past catches up with her.

Starring Ivan Sergei, Rance Howard, Kelly Greyson, Cerina Vincent

Executive Producers Gary Levinsohn, Dennis Ho
*Warning..Turn down your speakers!!*

Crown The Empire's live stream on live stream. The fans requested acoustic and they delivered! Sorry for the audio. It's not my fault, but the laptop they were using couldn't handle the volume!

All rights to footage and song belong to Crown The Empire and

I own nothing.
This video concludes everything I've managed to do so far in the '00·00' version of the game.

Normally before a game reaches v00·01, it's a not playable game. Whereas in the case of 'Memory of a Broken Dimension', it appears to be a playable not game.
This runs in Unity, which you made need to reinstall in add-on format before you can use in the above link. Knowing a bit of DOS might help you out a bit.

If you still don't understand, follow here
Crown The Empire paying Memories of a broken heart live Milwaukee for Take Action tour<br/><br/>
Ready for something really wild? Prepare yourself for Memory of a Broken Dimension by Data Tragedy. Be careful, this game contains some of the most crazy flashing lights and distortion effects I've ever witnessed. We'll explore a mysterious console and eventually enter a world that seems like no one was ever meant to see. Imagine the place you go to when you successfully break the collision mapping in a 3d game and fall through the floor... that's where you'll be spending most of your time in Memory of a Br
Crown The Empire Preforming Memories Of A Broken Heart (Acoustic) for the first time ever on the first day of their first headlining tour at the VIP meet and greet in Toledo Ohio.
I talked to Andy and he said that they are working on some acoustic stuff! So can't wait to hear that!
At the first show on their headlining tour, Crown The Empire played a little acoustic set for the VIPs, and they said it was their first time doing an acoustic performance for an audience. First Acoustic LIVE set on Youtube!!! Thank you Crown The Empire - Andy, Dave, Brandon, Ben, Hayden, and Brent, you guys are all amazing!
В 129 выпуске игровых новостей будет про хит-парад Steam, вторую часть Broken Age, Without Memory от Dinosaurum Games, 800 000 PlayStation 4, Черную Пятницу.
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* A fan-made AMV *
Editor: Anabir
Anime: Byousoku 5 Centimeter
Song: The Past, The Love, The Memories
Artist: A Skylit Drive
Program Used: Sony Vegas 7.0
Where Do Broken Hearts Go & Midnight Memories @ One Direction OTRA Cape Town 1 April 2015
I'm playing "Titan" by Memories In Broken Glass on my LTD SCT-607B 7 string. I'm using my Fractal Audio Axe FX 2 running my version of the Das Metall patch with a Mesa 4x12 OH cab sim. I'm also using a simulated 57 mic. My guitar tone is at 100% and the MIBG track is at 88%

Not 100% correct. Learned by ear. I'm not even a guitar player. I'm a bassist. Haha this is my try at playing guitar. Enjoy


Film Written Directed by: Max Madson.
Produced by: Sergey Pech.

Аниме: Elfen Lied
Музыка: Yui Makino - You are My Love
Hello Friends! Well, i said i was back with pony music. Here's something I wrote during bronycon!

Broken Heartstrings? Yep, Heartstrings suck, Lyra for life.

Get in touch!
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Драгон Нест Трилогия: часть 3 инстанс в которых будет сужетная линия с Красным драконом (РДН) / Dragon Nest Passage of Broken Memory

---------------------------- ИНТЕРЕСНЫЕ ПЛЕЙЛИСТЫ ---------------------------
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My MEP part of simon and nia's wedding as she dies at the alter as soon as they become husband and wife T_T

Band - Mest
Song - This Time


This is purely fan made i do not own the video or audio media in any way and the media is copyrighted to their respected owners. This video was made for fun and is not to be sold or auctioned it is purely non-profit.
broken memories - hetalia amv/pmv ... not good with finding a good title xD and sorry for the long wait guys! because i was busy with school and all that :p and btw this is kinda "sad" amv/pmv :I

song:broken moon (suika's theme) top emotianal osts
i do not own hetalia, the song or the pictures :3
Artist: Broken Memories - Project of Vinland Warriors -
Album: Broken Memories -
Label: PC Records -
Year: 2012
One Direction Brussels 13/06/2015 On The Road Again Tour

Where Do Broken Hearts Go + Midnight Memories (watch in HD!)

My seat: Section Green K Row 7
Camera: Sony DSC-HX50V

Thanks for watching :) And check my channel for the rest of the show!!

If you gif, please source my vid, thank you :)
by Sashenyka_Origami
Memories in Broken Glass - Paradigm (Lyric Video)

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Title: "Reco
Химический заяц

- Re:Zero AMV - Broken Memories -

► Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
► Song: Earlyrise - Memories
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About the AMV:
mmmm first and i guess last edit with re:zero xD .. tried to keep it clean but also i lost nearly my whole motivation at the end so it dosent looks that good as i wanted ~
but i still hope you enjoy it :'D

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The Russian version
В этом видео я хотела бы рассказать о непростой жизни Кэтрин Пирс-героини из сериала Дневники Вампира.О том как у нее отобрали новорожденную дочь,как ее выгнали из родного города,о том какой она стала обратившись в вампиршу.На самом деле Кэтрин пережила то,что и Елена.Не судите строго,так как это моя самая первая работа в Вегасе.
The English version
In this video, I'd like to tell about the difficult life of Katherine Pierce, the heroine of the series Diaries Vampira.O how sh
D.Gray-Man Hallow / D.Gray-man AMV / ディー・グレイマン ハロー / D.Gray-man season 2 amv / D.Gray-man 2 / D.Gray-man Hallow AMV / ディー・グレイマン / D.Gray-man 2016 / 디 그레이 맨의 할로윈 / OP - D.Gray-man Hallow Ending / 第1弾PV / 2016年新シリーズ放送決定!! / Yuu vs Alma / Kanda vs alma/ Allen vs Alma Karma / Allen vs conde milenario / Allen vs Kanda / Allen Noah / Allen Noe / For vs noe/ Allen encerrado/ Allen y noah vs cardinal / Dios de la muerte vs allen / Link death / Final D. Gray Man Hallow

Like y Suscribete :3

Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Song: Earlyrise - Memories
Editor: FruityRL
full concert:
One Direction 2015 OTRA Live in Hong Kong - CORECLUB | Metalcore | Deathcore | Post-Hardcore | Hardcore | Mathcore | Screamo | Experimental - самый большой архив CORE музыки в контакте и интересные турниры между группами! Вступаем!
#LarryStylinson #LouisTomlinson #HarryStyles
►Please watch in HD

►Группа в ВК:
Hi guys) I hope you like it)
One Direction's performance of Where Do Broken Hearts Go, Midnight Memories and Kiss You at Paterson's Stadium on 20 February 2015.

Sorry about the shakiness from the middle to the end of Midnight Memories and the terrible filming of Kiss You in general. It's almost like they don't want people in the stands to see them. Or maybe they just don't want people like me filming the show. lol

Piano cover of Crown The Empire's track Memories Of A Broken Heart, from their first full-length album, The Fallout (2012).

UPDATE: Find the sheet music for this song here at my MuseScore profile:

I love the breakdown.

you think that this is the end / you're wrong / this is the start of a new generation

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work in progress, coming 2016 to Steam & DRM-Free platforms
new teaser:

old WIP trailer used for Sense of Wonder 2012

weirdly translated Japanese courtesy of google.translate
portions of the audio are from the BAD SECTOR album RESET
Sorry about the slip in the bridge ahah or any other stuff ups.. Twitter: @meanddmymusic
Instagram: @tayl_aa
Crown the Empire Live in San Antonio,Texas on August 3, 2013 at AT&T Center Grounds. Vans Warped Tour 2013
Twitter/Insta - @HCopelin47

Harold Copelin, i was 16 when i filmed this video but i am now 17! I have probably spent more time on this cover than any of my other covers due to people not doing there job correctly.... I actually had to end up editing my own video and starting to do filming/editing myself (HC Productions) The only people i enjoyed working with is people at Funknug Records! When they give you a due date that it will be done.... they will actually man up
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Steal My Girl
Little Black Dress
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Midnight Memories
Kiss You
GOOD SOUND!!! live @ Ernst Happel Stadion Wien, 10.06.2015 Vienna, Austria See FULL show here:

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recorded with Panasonic Fz72