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Quick shot from a nice session. Kite Ikon Empire 12m.

Here is a little video with some kiteloops of me during the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge.
I was so happy that I was invited for this contest! It was a really fun!
Thanks to: Loïc Isliker (his channel: for making this edit!:)
Extreme kiteboard event in the Netherlands when the wind hits 30+ knots. 16 riders go for the best megaloop.
There's a reason it's not called the Miniloop. The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge only happens when the winds are ripping through at 30+ knots and riders can go BIG. Needless to say, the world's top 16 kiteboarders went huge in this year's Megaloop Challenge. Big crashes and bigger loops made for an exciting show, check out the best action from the sky!

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Here my entry video for the Red Bull Megaloopo Challenge of 2016!
Heres a short video of me doing some big kiteloops in Egypt.

Megaloop gone wrong!

Definitely one of my hardest wipeouts ever... riding hard and flying high comes with it's own fair share of risk! Whilst going into a Megaloop Late Backroll and wanting to add another rotation with a grab I got stuck halfway through the second rotation as I looked the wrong way. Lesson learned!
The short video shows Youri and Sam directly <br>after each other, jumping off the same wave<br>with a mega loop. <br><br>The judges' criteria is 70% height of the jump and<br> 30% extreme technicality.<br><br>More information and videos:<br>
You got to love what short lines and a good gust do to your loops. I was riding 15m Lines on a 7m Core GTS2 when I pulled this loop. Man what an adrenalin rush!! Thanks Alex Wakker for filming!

Last year I did some experimenting with short lines on a 7m Core GTS2, The result was a megaloop where I flew above my kite!
Thanks to:
Alex Wakker and the guys from Endless Summer
Core Kiteboarding, Jobe watersports, Carved and Core n More surfshop.
Brad Symington doing some massive megaloops shot by Cale Jansen/Luke Walker
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The Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013, hosted by Ruben Lenten at Zandvoort (The Spot), Netherlands. 35+ Knots. Music by KOAN - Tetsuo's Redemption []<br/><br/>
First fly on the Ozone edge, pretty crazy
Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2013 at the Spot in Zandvoort, october 27. Featuring 16 of most extreme kiteboarders of the Netherlands. Won by Jerrie van de Kop.

Shot and edit by:
Marco Lubbers
Copyright Catchyourmoment
Paros nice windy place in Greece... i spend 3 weeks there with my frends in Paros pro kite-center... Just get my new Kites The North Vegas 2011.. and i just enjoy it!!! 40kts with the 10m2.. :-))

After a specific training for the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge in Capetown, I am finally ready to compete one of the most extreme kiteboard competitions in the world. Competing this challenge was once a dream, which now can almost be touched and grabbed. Credits: Tobias Buijs, for filming and editing
Some of Lasse Walkers loops during the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2015 More clips here: Music: Hermitude - Get in my life Cam & Edit: Edwin Haighton
CORE GTS4 - Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more. CORE’s newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4. Learn more about the brand new CORE GTS4 Video produced by: Sebastian Dörr, chriscontrol Video & Music Productions Thanks to Sofia Moraes (VE) Steven Akkersdijk (NE) Willow-River Tonkin (MU) Philipp Zach (AT) Music Off Limits by Score Squad Spot South Africa
This video is about Gijs Wassenaar's megaloopchallenge entry. filmed by: Arlin Ladue (WOOsports) Pim de Graaf, Pierre Wassenaar, Michael Slof en Jop Heemsker
Music by: Stheps - creative listening
Short clip of the contest in Zandvoort, 2015 Quick and dirty edit of the 2015 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge highlights at The Spot in Zandvoort. Big crashes and bigger kiteloops. Enjoy! The podium: 1. Lasse Walker; 2. Kevin de Smidt 3. Willem van der Meij Music; Two Fingers Cam & Edit; Edwin Haighton
here is MJ demonstrating to show the 10m Legacy in action for a mega loop in only 24knots with down wind current.
Get it low! Don't measure your loops by the height, but by how low you can get the kite!
Pulling a SLM (super low megaloop) for sure gets the adrenaline pumping.

CORE kiteboarding
TomTom Bandit

Song: Dead Prez - Hip Hop
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This video is part of the EPIC series on HOW TO do kiteboarding tricks. So if you are interested in learning HOW TO KITELOOP then watch this video very closely. I am 99.9 % sure that after watching this video you will be KiteLooping like a pro. But be careful out there especially for the Mega Kiteloops.

P.S. I tried my best to keep this video under 6 minutes but there so much info that needed to be shared in order for you to make sure you understand what to do and what not to do. Actually this video

Riders: Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree, Alberto Rondina, Youri Zoon, Angela Peral.
Len10 Megaloop Challenge: Judges: Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten.
Race Director: Olaf van Tol.
Competitors: Luke McGillewie, Nick Jacobsen, Rick Jensen,
Gianni Aragno, Sam Light, Lewis Crathern.
More kite videos:
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Going big in Tarifa with strong winds.
some megaloops from capetown and blackpool.

video shot by james boulding, and Ian
The LEN10 Megaloop challenge, the Brainchild of Red Bull Athlete and 'King of the Megaloop' Ruben Lenten, saw 24 participants compete for the title in Big Bay, Cape Town.

Throwing Megaloops and other big jumps in Michigan City October 3rd 2014. It was blowing about 40knots from the West. Hard to land anything in that wind, but still super fun.
Awesome Megaloops in 35 knots by Aaron Hadlow & friends. The Core Slider Jam at Woodies Point Western Australia was postponed because the wind had destroyed much of the ramps.......but who needs em with kites!!! January 2010
the video was filmed in Cape Town in order to get into the megaloop challenge. Cameras used a GoPro 4 and a 7D.
I'd love to join my big brother Oli (one of 8 already selected riders) at one of the most extreme Kiteboarding events put on by Redbull - the Megaloop Challenge. I've been living and working in Melbourne for the last 3years and I'd love the opportunity to ride with my bro and do what we loved doing growing up as kids....riding in the most extreme winds and having a blast.
This is a short compilation of Megaloops for my entry into the Redbull Megaloop contest 2016
videographers : Petole Prod catch your moment video editing : JH Design
Чувак мегалупы уезжает!!!!
Click CC for captions!
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While everyone in the Netherlands was talking about the stormy weather in Holland, the best kiters of the country enjoyed an extreme kite challenge with mother nature. After an extreme megaloop competition in Zandvoort, Ruben Lenten and the judges decided that Jerrie van der Kop did the most extreme megaloop and won.

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have ne
Sickest kiteloop and worst wipe-out all togheter in one short clip. Don't try this at home
Quick and dirty edit of the 2015 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge, yesterday at The Spot in Zandvoort. Big crashes and bigger kiteloops. Enjoy!

More clips here:

The podium:
1. Lasse Walker;
2. Kevin de Smidt
3. Willem van der Meij

Music; Two Fingers
Cam & Edit; Edwin Haighton Instagram: renoromeu Twitter: @renoromeu Megaloop photoshoot session for the new Vegas 2014 in Cape Hatteras, NC, USA. Vegas 2014 8m 22m lines 30 knots Filmed by: Tommy Kaiser

Some flying around at my home spot Noordwijk!

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Mystic boarding
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Ruben Lenten
Is this the biggest kiteloop ever? Jerrie van de Kop Megalooping in superslowmotion at the Megaloop Challenge at the Spot in Zandvoort. By
The most popular extreme kiteboarders in the world: Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Lewis Crathern, Youri Zoon, Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Sam Light, Steven Akkersdijk, Jerrie van de Kop, Reno Romeu, Lasse Walker.
Out now, the new BOOST by Flysurfer Kiteboarding. Teamriders Yannick & Emmanuel went to Holland to test the 9m Boost in winds from 25 knots to 38 knots! Result: An epic day with BigAirs and nice Kiteloops! Be sure to test the Boost! more info:
A windy day gave us the opportunity to start looping the 7 and 9 meters!