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Meeting People Is Easy

Название: Встречаться с людьми просто
Оригинальное название: Meeting people is easy
Год выхода: 1998
Жанр: Документальный фильм
Режиссер: Грант Ги

О фильме:
Документальный фильм посвященный деятельности Radiohead после релиза "OK Computer" и началу работы над "Kid A".


Выпущено: Великобритания
Продолжительность: 90 мин.
С русским переводом, если кому-то нужно..
radiohead tries in vain to record big boots (man o war).
from Meeting People Is Easy (You Are A Target Market)
Документальный фильм, посвященный деятельности Radiohead после релиза "OK Computer" и началу работы над "Kid A".
Director: Grant Gee
Radiohead documentary- Documental Radiohead
- Слушай, по-моему, пора выключать камеру.
- Ты думаешь, уже стоит закончить?
- Да, думаю, это конец. Вот так вот неожиданно.

Big Boots (Man-o-War)
London, UK

Footage of the band struggling with recording the song "Big Boots" for the forth time, that ...
Poor Thom getting photographed on tour in 97, looks more like a firing range i can see how he nearly cracked up on that tour comments very welcome
Фильм показывает жизнь группы Radiohead, времен их легендарного альбома O.k. Computer. Музыканты дают интервью, выступают на концертах, встречаются с фанатами. Но так ли просто им это дается?
Radioheads Ok computer tour.

Два куска из фильма Meeting People is Easy
A performance of the Paranoid Android B-Side 'Pearly*' (which is very rare) taken from Meeting People Is Easy, interspersed with footage of Thom Yorke describing the world's economy. What really pisses me off is the fact that Grant Gee cuts off the song just as the climatic solo kicks in! Argh!

Exit Music
Live early/alternative version of the song
(soundcheck from the unknown performance of the OK Computer tour)
From the film "Me...
A small emotional excerpt of Thom Yorke performing an early version of How To Disappear Completely at a soundcheck on August 26th 1997, New York. It's pretty much a clear reflection of the pressures of the band and especially Thom during the 'Against Demons' tour that was documented on Meeting People Is Easy.

The end credits of Grant Gee's 'Meeting People Is Easy' with a performance of Exit Music (For A Film) over them.
An early performance of Amnesiac's 'Life In A Glasshouse' taken from Meeting People Is Easy. During the clip is also an interview that Colin Greenwood struggles with, which is one of the rare occurances where it shows the stress that he is going through, compared to the rest of the documentary which mainly shows the pressures that Thom is experiencing. The end of the video shows something which is extremely rare - footage of the band actually composing a piece of music, which I find very interesting indeed.
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by Александр Гришин
Великобритания, 1998, 95 мин.
Специальный показ фильма известного британского режиссера Гранта Ги, показывающий, как группа Radiohead переживает выход альбома «OK Computer» и справляется с последствиями внезапно свалившейся на них славы. Показ приурочен к 15-летию выхода альбома «OK Computer».
A short interview with Thom Yorke in Australia taken from Meeting People Is Easy. What is interesting about this clip is that according to the end credits, all the music is by Radiohead (with the exception of the Scott Walker song), including all instrumentals and electronic pieces. The sequenced notes during this interview sounds quote similar to that of the intro to Sit Down Stand Up, which wasn't released until 2003, while this was taken in 1997.
An early, but brief performance of I Will from Meeting People Is Easy

first appearance of I Will 1997/1998