Meet Christina: Christina Aguilera on Instagram: “~ @xtina live at lexus National Dealer Meeting in boston // #xtina #ChristinaAguilera #LadyMarmalade”,

Meet Christina

“~ @xtina live at lexus National Dealer Meeting in boston // #xtina #ChristinaAguilera #LadyMarmalade”
“~ @xtina live at lexus National Dealer Meeting in boston // #xtina #ChristinaAguilera #Beautiful”
“Went out to a club to meet up with friends. Surprisingly Christina Aguilera was enjoying the night there too. #christinaaguilera#la#сша#party”
Christina Hendricks & Natalie Precht meet up at Dark Places Premiere LA
Первая и официальная группа о талантливой певице Christina Grimmie
Первая и официальная группа о талантливой певице Christina Grimmie
Met the members of The Voice tour 2014. Only video taped Christina because we had already seen and took pictures with her earlier that day. We also talked to Jacquie earlier, she was so approachable and friendly. We actually talked for quite a while. Saw her a couple of times again, her mother was so nice! It was great meeting them all.
Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Dynamite (Imprezive meets Pink Planet Bootleg Mix)
video mix by renegade
Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Dynamite (Imprezive meets Pink Planet Bootleg Edit)
Кристина Болотова на II фестивале по Bellydance «Донецк встречает»(Серия Гран-при УАВСТ) в Донецком Драматическом театре 31.10.09.
Первая и официальная группа о талантливой певице Christina Grimmie
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YouTube megastar and Voice Alum Christina Grimmie was fatally shot and killed at her Orlando meet and greet on Friday evening.
– The world, and our Clevver family – and really anyone who was touched by life and voice of Christina Grimmie are all devastated today as the news of her tragic passing sinks in. Christina, was taken from this world too soon – doing what we she loved most, per
I know this is non art related but i needed to . I MET CHRISTINA MY LIFE IS SO DONE .


I went to the Family Gras Festival in New Orleans, LA all weekend. I got VIP wristbands to stand in the front of the stage and to be able to go backstage because there's a food tent and stuff back there... I was not 100% guaranteed that I was going to get to meet Christina and when I found out I'd get to meet her and give her what I made her for her birthday, I thought we'd only get to talk for like 5 minutes MAX, but we talked for like 45 minutes! It was the best day of my life, and so worth all the money I spent. She's super nice and one of the most down-to-earth people I have EVER met. And I was walking away from the autograph thing where she was signing stuff, and her mom mistook me for Christina! lol I have to say, it was amazing being able to meet the girl that inspired me and impacted me tremendously. Enjoy guys :) And leave a comment on what you think!


Twitter: @Br
Первая и официальная группа о талантливой певице Christina Grimmie
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My heavy metal cover of moves like jagger. I used an acapella version of this song, did some editing to it, and also made the whole back track music. Added a sweet breakdown at the end :) Sorry if you don't like it but I have fun remaking pop songs metal, because I like both genres, but am a metal player. Thanks for watc
ok guys, this is is the big whammy lol this is when Laith surprised me in LA .^_^. feeeel it bc it's beautiful
HALO and COD are NOT BETTER than Zelda, i said that they are almost TIED, thats what i was implying at the end haha :D
So i'm obsessed with Zelda. And this is the song that everyone loves from Ocarina of Time. I discovered it went oddly well with these 3 songs :D Its out of the norm of me sitting infront of my piano singing, but I need to stay true to my favorite game. ZELDA. :D hope you like itt !

song in the background: Gerudo Valley (OoT)

There is 100% NO AUTOTUNE on my vocals, just me and my raw voic

Christina Hendricks & Geoffrey Arend meet fans & Paparazzi departing cocktail party
Trudy Fawst is Hap's ex-wife and a constant wedge between Hap and Leonard. She doesn't hesitate to use her feminine wiles to get what she wants.

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Set in the late 1980s, “Hap and Leonard” is a darkly comic swamp noir story of two best friends, one femme fatale, a crew of washed-up revolutionaries, a pair of murderous psycho-killers, some lost loot and the fuzz. Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, the six-hour series event follows Hap Collins (James Purefoy),
Dancer Christina Chandler is like a ray of sunshine when she moves. "Meet the Baes" is a series that gives you an introduction to the dancers and singers who perform alongside Pharrell on stage. Baes wardrobe provided by adidas Originals:

Director: Crystal Moselle
Producer: Robin Frank
Director of Photography: Naiti Gámez
Executive Producer: Pharrell Williams
Co-Executive Producers: Caron Veazey and Mimi Valdés

Christina Chandler
Rhea Dummett
Aye Hasegawa
Latrelle “Munchi
I was cringing the whole time watching the full video of this because I obviously sounded like a nervous fan boy. Some words were slurred and some sentences weren't completed during this encounter. hahaha!

Christina is truly my all time Ranger Crush! I wanted to give her a gift from the Philippines, so I brought along my Gokai Pink Ranger Key for her.

It was also cool to find out that she's part Filipino, too!

Hands down, one of my better experiences during Power Morphicon 2014. :)
VIXX | 빅스 | Official VK Community
60m Hurdles Heat 2 Women

Christina Manning 7.92
Pamela Dutkiewicz 7.95 PB
Cindy Roleder 8.01
The Voice finalist Christina Grimmie performed two original songs at National Music Publishers' Association 2014 Annual Meeting in New York City.
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Workshop @ 3rd Rabat Salsa Meeting, May 2016
Первая и официальная группа о талантливой певице Christina Grimmie
Laith Meets Christina
For the First Time Long Distance Relationship
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In this Audience Script to Screen, join Joanna Going and go behind the scenes of AUDIENCE's drama series, KINGDOM. Going talks about her character, Christina Kulina, the complicated relationships she has with the three Kulina men, along with the character's drug addiction and how it relates to her eldest son, Jay Kulina (Jonathan Tucker).

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The 2012 British Aerobic Senior Champion talks winning the title, overcoming injury and setting up her own gymnastics club.

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on a Deranged Thug who Stalked and Murdered YouTube Star 'Christina Grimmie' after concert at Meet and Greet.
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