Me & The Guys: Nicky Romero: So nice, this guy wants to put me on the guest list for Nicky Romero 😅@omnianightclub !, Ziwei Wang/Vi on Instagram: “Girls let me

Me & The Guys

“Girls let me hear your scream!!! This guy with his purple hair! He's totally... I don't know how to describe!!! The only one video !!! Enjoy it!!!…”
2 МИЛЛИОНА! Ничего себе, мне кажется, что мы набрали 1 миллион подписчиков всего несколько недель назад 😭❤️ Ребята, спасибо за поддержку и веру в мою музыку. Вы делаете меня счастливым 😊 Я не могу дождаться будущего со всеми 2 миллионами и больше, так как мы продолжаем расти ❤️ Спасибо спасибо спасибо #roses

Ибрагим Али Кхан
“Mannheim - thanks for an awesome show last night! You guys rule ☔️ 📹 @livesandlevels”
“You guys have done so much for me that we had to Guest Pose! #SurpriseGuestPosing at the #TorontoProSuperShow #KaiGreene”
“Phillllyyyyyyyyyy!!!! You guys rocked the place down!! Thanks for having me and @realcosmicgate 🙌”
jessicalowndes's video on Instagram
“This guy will be the death of me. Just from the way he interacts with us you can see how much we mean to him . That's one of the reasons why I love him…”
“TRANSCRIPT: "Hey guys I'll be at the LA FitExpo next weekend (January 23-24) come watch me perform and meet me and my sponsors @frandenim @kimerakoffee…”
“Follow me on snapchat guys! I know I'm pretty late to the game....”
“What's up guys, I want my chance to fight for the Belt. I deserve this opportunity. If you want to support me use hashtag #RockholdvsJacare2…”
“me rn. hpny guys.
to all of my people who celebrate this holiday time with the Internet just like me, stay strong and alive pls, feel u love u 🎆🎇🎆🎇”
“always the best don't judge challenge . . . . .#hot #hottestguys #hotties #vine #viners #instagram #instagramguys #guys #hottiesofinstagram #thehotties…”
“the k24 sicarios got me! death via lechuga (its a joke guys chill i love yall for that tho)”
“#rollingstone #hurts #saintpetersburg Hurts! Thank you for the best evening in my live! I can't even imagine that you,guys,make me feel the happiest…”
“You guys have been so incredible and supportive of my music and me... I am so excited to show you my single in January, but in the meantime, I made this…”
“mascara situation in the storm in Alabama... I'm so happy I got to meet some of you guys. Thank you for waiting in the rain for me and I'm sorry the show…”
“I need you guys to tell me what remix/song this is! (Also my brother @jerynmays and bae @yedlinny's shoulder dance is the cutest thing on earth.)”
“Just a little bit of a extra clip to thank you guys for getting me so many followers and if you want to see the big Brack moment get me to 300 followers…”
“Finished the Britticares 5K run/walk in 28 minutes today. I wish I knew the name of the guy running with me, big shout out to him. We kept each other…”
“Ok, I cant. Here it is. The wait for you guys to see was killing me. Enjoy 😆 {#dakotajohnson #jamiedornan #anastasiasteele #christiangrey #anasteele…”
“We made it to 1 million !! Send all my thanks and love to those who have supported me and the team to where we are now. We were you guys once, inspired by…”
“Miammiiiiiii yesterday was very chill shout out to the amazing fans that met us at the airport ❤️ you guys make me smile vid by @tonytomasino…”
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Клип Abercrombie & Fitch, песня Карли Рэй Джепсен "Call Me Maybe"
новые видео в группе
Автор: Джон Шмидт (Jon Schmidt)
The Piano Guys - американский инструментальный коллектив, который стал известен благодаря своим видео на YouTube.
All of Me - это, пожалуй, одно из моих любимых их произведений :)

Официальный канал:
Спільнота найкрутіших чотких дівчат :) De hot guys van Abercrombie & Fitch
this is mum talking to me about how wow, we were. am the guy with holding the camera, in Odessa
LeeSsang - You're The Answer To A Guy Like Me ( MR ) Vol.25 Version

Фансаб-группа | Korean Hip-Hop | 16+

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Перевод, тайминг, оформление: sirena_lee

Asian Shows Subbing Squad
Выкладывать данное видео на любых сторонних ресурсах категорически ЗАПРЕЩЕНО!!!
Исполняет Ушерович Ирина.
Группа вк
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100%|Official Group vk
Music video by ThebandcalledOh! performing Guy like me from their 2014 album Stereosoul.

Video produced by Nine Six Productions and 7minus. Sound recorded by Håkon Pettersen. Live music, no overdubs.

Get Stereosoul by ThebandcalledOh! here:
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So I did. Its got action, comedy, romance and lots of serious themes depicting the issues of 21st century. A story of love and betrayal and the difficulties of life from a perspective of a single individual within his cruel and forsaken world.

So I did.
WATCH IN HD!!!!!!!!!!!

Video inspired by

Written by Jon Schmidt
Played by Ondra Milota
Created by Roman Mrzena & Štěpán Pance
Follow her on Snapchat » selenagomez

Galeria de Fotos:
Paul Griggs, Laura Forsyth, Julie Forsyth, Dominic Grant
LeeSsang - You're The Answer To A Guy Like Me ( MR ) Vol.28 Version

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Great morning in Orlando
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'John Scott: The Movie "A Guy Like Me" (Teaser Trailer)'
Just made this for fun, kind of a tribute to the big beauty john scott! Honor his awesome and hilarious journey to the 2016 NHL allstar game, and the storybook ending. Captain, Allstar, MVP! John Scott

The first voice you heard has a YouTube channel too:
I don't own the rights to this
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
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NOFX, live in Melkweg Amsterdam. Monday 4 June 2012. First gig of European Tour. They played PUNK IN DRUBLIC in its entirity! Awesome gig. Stay tuned for more vids (I recorded the full gig). Song Titles: "Jeff Wears Birkenstocks" and "Punk Guy (Cause He Does Punk Things)" and "The Cause" and "Don't Call Me White"
Whilst on my endeavours through Italy, i came across an incredible team, an incredible family..

Within 7 hours, i had met them, taught them a private class, had dinner with them, rehearsed and then filmed this piece ! All within 7 hours & ALL with the language barrier of English & Italian...

This team inspired to me to want a 2nd family of my own, a team i can transfer all of my ideas in my head onto canvas & bring things to life...
And thanks to this inspiration, it is next on my list :)

I introduce to
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
Banned from TV. family guy sheer me skit The Family Guy shear me skit BANNED XXX<br/><br/>
hab bemerkt das ichs irgendwie ned in youtube finde ...
also hab ichs hochgeladen =D

Teach Me Redneck: Larry The Cable Guy Teaches Larry The King How To Talk Like A Redneck

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by GizTheGunslinger(май лав Дашка =*)
Гару | Garou | Гарусси |Garoussie
Вся информация о канадском певце Гару в группе официального фан-клуба в России
15 minutes - Me and the Other Guy ( soundtrack Love The Hard Way)

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Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Ep 1: It's All Greek to Me HD

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse introduces an all-new original story written and voiced by Family Guy t
Guy and Maz!! What can I say, they are just so OTP that it HURTS!! Reuploaded after it got blocked :S This song is heavily copyrighted, so please don't mention it in the comments :))

Перевод, тайминг: sirena_lee
Оформление: sirena_lee, Stella_80
Оригинал видео:
Asian Shows Subbing Squad
Выкладывать данное видео на любых сторонних ресурсах категорически ЗАПРЕЩЕНО!!!
I'm bored and I want that second film - now! ^^

Fandom: Now you see me
Music: Thrift Shop
Coloring: mine
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 11



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From the filmmakers behind the iconic Lethal Weapon series and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes summer 2016 release THE NICE GUYS, starring Hollywood all-stars Russell C

Collaboration between director Guy Maddin and actor Isabella Rossellini. Conceived for the 2009 Rotterdam Film Festival as part of the "Urban Screens" series, in which works were projected onto downtown office buildings in continuous loops. 7-minute Super 8mm loop with Isabella Rossellini; Cutting by John Gurdebeke; Music by Jason Staczek

Гару | Garou | Гарусси |Garoussie
Вся информация о канадском певце Гару в группе официального фан-клуба в России
- do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
- but this is impossible...

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