Mauritius 2012: Траффик на мысу Le Morne (Mauritius) 5 июня 2012, Peter T surf session 23.05.2012 in Small reef (Le Morne, Mauritius), KSP Mauritius One Eye

Mauritius 2012

Снято на смартфон Sony Ericsson Xperia active
Wrap up clip of the second day of competition here on Mauritius... lots of action, lots of stoke and awesome conditions!

Epic conditions grace day 9 of the holding period for tour stop number 2 of 4 at the One Eye Kite Surf Pro. The women's final saw a repeat victory from local ripper Ninja Bichler (GER, North), dominating her home break. The men's side saw underdog Patri McLaughlin (HI, North) take down reigning world champion Airton Cozzolino (ITA, North) nailing the only perfect 10 of the competition in the dying moments of the final.

In the marquee matchup of the day, the men's final promised to be the best heat o
2012! Стык между годами мои друзья встретили на необычном и очень красивом острове - Маврикии! На память об этом месте и об отдыхе в целом они привезли больше 60 Гигов фотографий и видео, снятых на Go-Pro) Вот как сложился у меня для них ролик на память об этом месте =) камера: Go-Pro hero2 музыка: David Guetta - Without you
With the rain pouring down the windows at home in the UK, I decided to get off the couch, put down the PS3 controller and book a ticket out to Mauritius. Having seen so much from the KSP out there, I wanted to see what it was like for some all round Free Riding...

Wether its for flat water or waves, this spot is epic. On the Le Morne peninsula on the south west tip of the island. One Eye is the spot to ride! Check it out from another RipSlix production...
Maurício Pedreira having fun during his trip to compete in the KSP One Eye Pro 2012 in Mauritius . Not everything in life is competition ...., in the end what really matter is to have fun ! Surf , windsurf , kitesurf , friends and Reggae in Paradise ! Thanks one more time Mauritius!!!! Pedreira curtindo o Paraiso chamado Ilhas Maurício durante sua viagem para competir na 2a etapa de 2012 do Mundial de kitesurf, o KSP . Surf , wind, kite , amigos e Reggae no Paraíso . Obrigado Mauritius!!! Ediçã<br/>
Kite session on the Le Morne spot on the 26th of May 2012. I hooked my gopro to my ozone zephyr 17m kite and off we go... lots of nice aerial photography!
My 1st kiteboarding experience with the KitSurfing Paradise and The Best Kiteboarding in Mauritius Bell Mare Palmiria Beach, may 2012