Matt Hardwick: Matt Hardwick - Supernal ft Melinda Gareh (Gary Maguire's Last Man Standing Remix)[Discover], Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh- Supernal (Gary

Matt Hardwick

Matt Hardwick - Supernal ft Melinda Gareh (Gary Maguire's Last Man Standing Remix)
Gaudi Arena, MSK 07/11/2008
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Matt Hardwick - I Am DJ (Ben Gold Remix
I’ll keep my distance while we fall apart again
Your too suspicious and I haven’t got the heart
To keep you waiting

We’re getting older but we’re too afraid to speak
It’s nearly closing time and we still got a seat
To play to no one

The only time we met
I loved u
But never told you why
I don’t expect
Much of you should come as no surprise
But it’s impossible
A typical day with C4 Race team rider Matt Hardwick, ripping up some trails on his 2011 Norco DH. C4 Racing is supported by Norco, Hayes, Marzochii, Sun Ringle, RaceFace, Shimano and Empirica Energy.
ON SALE 17th September 2012
I chose this remix..thought it was the best one of the bunch...enjoy

01.Supernal (feat. Melinda Gareh) (Reworked Original)
02.Supernal (feat. Melinda Gareh) (Luke Terry Remix)
03.Supernal (feat. Melinda Gareh) (Instrumental Mix)
04.Supernal (feat. Melinda Gareh) (Gary Maguire's Last Man Standing Remix)
This is one of them tracks that make you realise ur really into someone..
Its got a really nice feel to it.... When I listen to it, I feel isolated then suddenly feel "Connected..." x


The track that launched Kill The Lights back in 2008 gets a well deserved re release bringing it bang up to date whilst still retaining it's timeless "classic" feel.

The Original Mix has been stripped back to the original studio project, re-engineered and remastered by one of the UK's best mastering engineers, (Shane "The Cutter") at Vinyl Tweak, with outstanding results.

Unearthed Records main man Luke Terry delivers a super
This is a short clip of Matt's speeches from his last ever gig at OTR in August 2011.

Matt Hardwick is a legend in the trance scene and unfortunately he has now hung up his headphones (well technically thrown them to the crowd!)

It was one of the best nights in a very long time - thanks again for the memories and all the best in your future career!
WARNING: Video Contains Series 7 Spoilers

Chris Hardwick sat down with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Caroline Skinner for a QA on Series 7 of Doctor Who.

О даааа ! вот именно такой я себе представляю красоту транс музыки ! :)) - сообщество байков и людей
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Music by Rogue:

Such a fine track that still throws chills down my spine. Enjoy!