Matchu: DJ_RIGA_pres_Sila_Rossii_Sensation_Only_Oficialniy_saundtrek_k_blagotvoritelnomu_matchu, Kitesurfing Strapless Pro Rider Matchu by Boardertube,


Matchu Lopes Almeida the pro strapless kitesurfer from Cape Verde is performing some of his mind blowing tricks at Sal kitebeach.
Стреплесс-кайтсерфинг от чемпиона.
Тимрайдер North Kiteboarding Airton Cozzolino Lopes катает на волнах Капо Верде.
Un grazie speciale a tutti gli abitanti di Sal e uno anche per te, Arbeke
by Sashka Spiridonov
Лига Чемпионов 1997\1998 квалификация в груповой турнир.Ответный матч.
в первой встрече победили датчане 3-2.
Mitu Monteiro, Airton Cozzolino, Keahi de Aboitiz and Matchu Lopez Almeida playing with their Kites and Waveboards in Cumbuco (Brazil), One Eye (Ma...
Matchu is getting ready for his second year on the KSP world tour. These are his training grounds.
Matchu si sta preparando per il suo secondo anno nel tour mondiale KSP. Questi sono i momenti dell'allenamento nei suoi spot preferiti

Shot & Edited by: Dany Obradovic
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Matchu Lopes Almeida doing some amazing tricks in his backyard at Kitebeach in Cape Verde. Boardertube brings you some of the talented strapless kitesurfer during a practice session.
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Two kool cats and perfect conditions for some strapless kitesurfing. But wait, what´s going on in their heads when they lean back on land?

Due professionisti di kite e condizioni ideali per un pò di kitesurfing senza lish. Però apettate, sapete cosa sta succedendo nelle loro teste mentre sonnecchiano spassionatamente in spiaggia?

Shot & Edited by: Dany Obradovic
Kite Surfers: Airton Cozzolino Lopes Ai & Matchu Lopes Almeida

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Mauritius, Le Morne, September 2012. KSP One Eye Kite Surf Pro. Acrobats: Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopez Almeida, Keahi de Aboitiz, Luke McGillewie. More videos:

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Matchu Lopes Almeida grew up on beautiful Cape Verde. Due to his talent and his will to survive and fight, he made it to the top of the world of kitesurfing in just a couple of years, now revolutionizing and influencing the whole style of surfing in waves with a kite and also the completely new direction of the sport: strapless freestyle! Find out more about this outstanding athlete and amazing person.
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Лига Чемпионов 1997\1998 Стяуа-Видзев 3-тур обзор ОРТ.
Sal, Cabo Verde, 12.11.2016
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Лига Чемпионов 1997\1998 5-ТУР Видзев (Лодзь Польша)-Боруссия(Дортмунд Германия) обзор TVP-SPORT PL.