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Mark Knopfler - What It Is

«What It Is» («Что это такое») — песня Марка Нопфлера, вышла 4 сентября 2000 года в качестве ведущего сингла с альбома Sailing to Philadelphia (фолк-рок, классический рок, поп-музыка).
Стащено у Аси Уткиной. За что ей огромная благодарность. :-)))
Official video of the song "What It Is" by Mark Knopfler.
Первый клип Нопфлера, который я увидел в школе!
The Drinking Dens Are Spilling Out
There's Staggering In The Square
There's Lads And Lasses Falling About
And A Crackling In The Air
Down Around The Dungeon Doors
The Shelters And The Queues
Everybody's Looking For
Somebody's Arms To Fall Into
And It's What It Is
It's What It Is Now

There's Frost On The Graves And The Monuments
But The Taverns Are Warm In Town
People Curse The Government
And Shovel Hot Food Down
The Lights Are Out In City Hall
The Castle And
Мы тут были)))
What It Is - Mark Knopfler - Nîmes 2010 =HD=
Tocado por Edimilson
Official Mark Knopfler music video of What It Is
I listen this music with my dad since i'm 5 years old. Is a classic!
Classic Mark Knopfler Song!

- enjoy!

Thanks to ThaJonas for helping!

Mark Knopfler perform 'What it is' in Parkinson 2000.

Here's the interview from the same program;

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The opening song from Helsinki gig. Shot by Samsung Galaxy S3. Video is shite but audio is quite good. Great gig, thanks Mark!
Mark Knopfler live in Mandela Forum, Florence, Italy - 12th June 2005. From the Shangri-La Tour.

Ultra amazing concert!

Mark Knopfler - guitar, vocals
Guy Fletcher - keyboards
Richard Bennett - guitar and stuff
Glen Worf - bass
Matt Rollings - piano, accordion
Danny Cummings - drums

From the Late Show - 27th September, 2000

полный концерт тут --
Старина Нопфлер собрал полный Ледовый, к моему удивлению.
The beginning of the show : what it is, Happy to hear this clear sound of strat guitar !
Our cover of What It Is by the legend Mark Knopfler.

Lead guitar, vocals and bassguitar: Wes Leurs
Acoustic guitars and mixing: Bo Zolner
Drums and editing: Daan Theoden


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Mark Knopfler perform 'What it is' in Italy, almost live...

Mark Knopfler and band perform What it is (plus outro) at the Edison Music Awards in 2003. Thanks to DogSwede1 for the video, I just cut the parts with no music.<br/><br/>
Mark Knopfler live at the Edison Music Awards in Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam, Holland - March 6, 2003.


WooOow !!
Good sound ...
Knopfler is God ;)
Mark Knopfler live at Hartwall Areena Helsinki June 9th 2013.

Recorded with Nokia 808 Pureview.