Marius M.21: Marius M.21 - The Voice Of Dreams (Special Long Remix), Marius M.21 - Golden Memories (Instrumental) Euro Disco 2015, Marius M.21 - Summer Time

Marius M.21

Marius M.21 - Summer Time (Italo-Disco Instrumental 2012)
Romantic Avenue & Marius M 21 - Moonlight Dancer (instrmental Version) 2013 (New Italo Disco) (Parys66)
Так бы звучал Gorillaz в любимом всеми итало))))) →
Marius M.21 - Sweet Dreams (Dj Baltacha Vocoder Remix)
Marius M.21 - Only Chance Of Love (Italo-Disco 2011) (instrumental)
Marius M 21 Only Chance Of Love Italo Disco 2011 instrumental

i made this song as a tribute for the best duo in the world, in the pop music, Modern Talking. You will hear many elements wich made this sound gain a big succes in the whole world.
Music by Newtalo, Arranged by Marius M.21
Music & Arranged By Marius M.21
Music & Arranged By Marius M.21
Download Link: Marius M.21 - Another Star (Album 2015)
Music & Arranged by Marius M.21
Artwork : Alexandra Petruk

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Та же композиция Rosette но в стиле итало:))))
Newtalo & Marius M.21 - Romantic Avenue (Special Long Remix)
(Modern Talking style)
Best Romanian Italo Disco