Mario Lopez Extra: Christina aguilera leaves a taping of extra at the grove with mario lopez promoting the voice, Katherine Heigl Visits Mario Lopez On Extra,

Mario Lopez Extra

Christina aguilera leaves a taping of extra at the grove with mario lopez promoting the voice

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Friday, January 10, 2014: Katherine Heigl got all dressed up for Mario Lopez on Extra. The star visited Universal Studios to appear on the E! chat show.<br/><br/>
Christina aguilera from the voice arrives at the grove to tape extra with mario lopez!

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Mario Lopez and Renee Bargh were sporting their own Aroma Home Fuzzy Slippers today on Extra after showing the hosts of Good Morning America, including Oprah Winfrey, wearing them earlier that day.

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Visits ‘Extra’ at the grove, LA
Zooey Claire Deschanel|Зоуи Клэр Дешанель (Official community VKontakte)
Avril Lavigne arrives at The Grove for an interview with Mario Lopez on "Extra," greeting fans and giving a short interview.
The Victoria's Secret Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio Candice Swanepoel visit Extra with Mario Lopez at the grove in Los Angeles, California to debut the new VS swim 2013 collection. (March 12, 2013) All copyrights to ExtraTV!