Marc Dillon: Experience Sailfish OS on Jolla by Marc Dillon, Sailfish Demo in Helsinki by Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon - March 2013, Предыдущий Slush 2013 - Marc

Marc Dillon

Marc Dillon demonstrates the wonderful user experience of Sailfish OS on Jolla. Sailfish OS is the most modern gesture-based operating system. Fast-to-use, easy to learn.
Slush 2013 | Blue Stage | Thursday 14.11.2013 12:20pm

Topic: Marc Dillon (Jolla) on The Unlike Movement from Slush 2012 to Slush 2013

Bio: Marc Dillon is one the founding members of Jolla and is in charge of the Sailfish OS development, based on MeeGo and Mer Core open source projects. Marc has 20+ years of wireless industry experience from carrier management and billing systems to device creation management. Prior to Jolla he worked for Nokia, where he focused on delivery and productization of wireless m
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