Manceau - Full Time Job: Full Time Job - MANCEAU, [Manceau ● Full Time Job [The Popopopops ● Remix]

Manceau - Full Time Job

Manceau - Full Time Job

Video clip Single "Full Time Job"

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Album release in March '12, Produced by
Xavier Boyer Pedro Resende (Tahiti 80).

Video Clip Produced By V.O. Films
Directed By Justin Pechberty

Official music video for the single Full Time Job by the French pop band MANCEAU

Concept by Justin Pechberty Damien Megherbi

Directed by Justin Pechberty

Produced by Sarah Coutausse
V.O Films -

Starring Martin Troncquart, Jean-Christophe Bouvet and Isaure Flitti.

Cinematography by Valentin Vignet

Production design by Magali Viney

Edited by Jerome Bréau

Sound Design by Arsène Lefrançois - присоединяйтесь
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Made by Margaux Dory, Guillaume Halbique and Victor Solf.

Full Time Job - MANCEAU