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Man at work

1982 год.
Down Under - так на американском жаргоне называются Австралия, "Land Down Under" можно перевести как страна, где все ходят вниз головами. Эта песня группы "Men at Work" является полуофициальным гимном зеленого континента. Скорее всего именно поэтому она звучала на закрытии Олимпийских игр 2000 в Сиднее. Живой, добрый и объединяющий австралийский регги про мир во всем мире.
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“I had a little boo boo yesterday when training chest. I coulda sat at home and milked it, or I could man up and work around that shit. You guys know…”
““Here is a sneak peak at a sample of a new lobby installation that we’re working on in our lab. These LED “flowers” will be diffused with a 1/4” piece of…”
“The man that does all the camera work for us, Palaye Royale is better at bowling than all of you. #PalayeRoyale #Bowling”
by Vlad Tartuzhev
by Кирилл Брадауцан

Лучшая Брейк Данс группа | Best Break Dance group in VK
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Stas Sedov ( @ Kazahstan.
Wind: ~11-13ms
Flight Controller: (acFC5.1SE)

Это Стас Седов работает в Казахстане :).
Ветер у земли оценочно 11-13 m/s ...
Полётный контроллер наш.

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"Land Down Under"
Proof positive why you shouldn't bug your man when he's on the computer.

land down under
While trying do some work, this man is constantly interrupted by his cat.
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Просто отцы бля! Гедди Ли и спустя 30 лет ахуенен. И голосина дай боже.
Dying or being maimed on the job should never happen to anyone. Unfortunately, happen is does. Tomonews presents to you the most horrifying accidents to have befallen unfortunate people while earning a living. The stories are all genuine events pulled straight from news headlines and involve the loss of limbs, eyes and, in some cases, lives.

1. Real home-style Italian pasta just has that special something. On a night at Violi's Restaurant in Messena, New York, that special something was the arm and fingers
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Kyrgyzstan post production documentaries.

Music: Wayne Horvitz "Real - hot".
Video: Pavel Suprun
Black-ish 2x09 "Man at Work" - Dre has always looked out for the crew he grew up with, but when his childhood friend Sha (guest star Faizon Love) comes to stay at the house for a few days, Bow thinks he is taking advantage of Dre's generosity. Meanwhile, Daphne Lido (played by Wanda Sykes), the now ex-wife of Stevens & Lido's founding partner, gains control of half of the company and wants to start inserting herself in company business. When Daphne starts to question Charlie's work ethic, Dre must decide wh
Wonderful detailed RC MAN 8x8 container truck works at the world's largest construction site. Enjoy watching!
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Whilst on tour in North America, members of the Manchester City team visited Miguel Torres!/MiguelTorresMMA - the UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Gym in Los Angeles to be shown the ropes.

Shaun Wright-Phillips, Micah Richards, Joleon Lescott and Stuart Taylor all test their metal against Miguel Torres. Nigel de Jong watches from the balcony with Patrick Vieira.

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Work arround seasons
Social video psychedelic thrash about life
Surrealism, post-modernism, art-house, hallucinations, mysticism and knocking the brain in one bottle.
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Slovenian spray paint artist
The weightlifter Kenneth Leverich disguised in an 80 years old grandpa and went to Muscle Beach in Venice California to defy some bodybuilders. Kenneth Leverich est is a weightlifter and crossfit competitor. He is capable of lifting 595Lbs (270 kg). After 4 hours of MakeUp, Kenneth went to the famous bodybuilders' beach to compete with them showing them what he's capable of, despite his age. We're talking here about a viral commecial for the drink : Smith & Forge.Kenneth Leverich old man work out prank 2016
К наступающему празднику я решил не отходить от традиции и подарить Вам свой очередной mix'ok →
Оne of the fastest riders at the TT.Ian Hutchinson.
Unfortunately it seems as if the PC version of No Mans Sky is having severe performance problems on some systems at the moment. Here's a description of what's going wrong and a discussion of PC port problems.
Guy comes back from a 2-0 lead held by his computer
One Hour Cover.

Решили какую песню будем делать. Час разбираем - пишем кадр. В итоге мы получаем то, что вы видите. Все собирается в полевых условиях, поэтому качество самое низкое, какое только можно. Спонсор нашей программы лень на работе.
Ich weiss das der Text eine andere Bedeutung hat
aber das musste jetzt einfach mal sein
denn der Titel is so meeega;)

Starring Model : Alessandro Abbamonte
Kyrgyzstan post production documentaries. Music: Wayne Horvitz "Real - hot". Video: Pavel Suprun
Steve Poindexter - Man at Work - LSD
Жележный человек на СТО
Iron man working at the car wash
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