Making of: 25 Years of Zelda смотреть онлайн

Making of: 25 Years of Zelda

Illustration made by: (pixiv profile, translated to english)
View the completed image here: or
List of all the characters in the illustration:
Program used: Corel Painter
Special thanks to Reddit for finding the artist and video.

Original description from the video (Translated):
I drew about 100 people so happy the other Zelda ■.
 Really amazing is that we continue to be loved for 25 years. .

And I could not keep the love of Majora ■. I also highlight blatant patronage.

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BGM was borrowed from the following people. Thanks!
· Michele Pelra ⇒
· ChaosDragon004 ⇒
· C-Storm ⇒ http://www