Magic Sound Fabric: Magic Sound Fabric - Freedom Star [Full Album], Magic Sound Fabric - Cosmic Consciousness, Magic Sound Fabric "The World is an Illusion"

Magic Sound Fabric

1 Freedom Star 0:00
2 We Are All Connected 8:42
3 Cosmic Consciousness 15:59
4 Suns Of Sun 24:54
5 Flight Of The Purple Energetics 30:55
6 I Am The Wave 37:51
7 Perfect Light 45:47
8 Risen City Of Electro 52:25
9 Edenexus 59:58

VA. Ambienism volume one
Released: Apr 2004


From the Magic Sound Fabric album "Observer". Chosen for Top 20 Albums of on Musical Starstreams syndicated radio.


Exploring the sounds of electronica in its purest, and perhaps most pristine form, Magic Sound Fabric masterfully serves up the chilly and evocative evidence of those explorations on Observer.

Proclaiming: "There's no reality in duality" on the album's opener, "The World is An Illusion" is a prelude of what is to c
Magic Sound Fabric - We Are All Connected