Made on Earth

Земля.... во всем разнообразии)))
Режиссер Enrique Pacheco снимал свой очень красивый фильм Made on Earth (Сделано на Земле) в течение двух лет. За это время он побывал в Испании, Исландии, Эстонии и США. Фильм снят в режиме time-lapse.

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Собственноручно сделанное слайд-шоу под мою любимую песню из Blackout. Фото меняются под музыку.
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A bizarre video has captured what UFO enthusiasts believe to be an alien spacecraft flying through the night sky over the US.

The clip was captured at around 7pm on October 24 in New Boston near the Ohio/Kentucky border.
FANMADE TRAILER! Watch in HD. i try to do the best i can! Sorry for my english! Soon i will work on a fan made opening about this season
MUSIC: i dont know the name of the songs...
After season 4 katherine became human and bonnie is this new season things are going to change...Elena and Jeremy will try to come back bonnie and jeremy witll try to kill silas, Damon will enjoy in love with elena but he has to search his brother who is dissapeared after silas put down in the river. Kla
фрагмент из Best of 4K: UHD Impressions (2012-2014) Blu-ray 1080p AVC DTS-HD 5.1
Beat made just with E-mu SP1200
6 seconds of time sampling..
work in progress..
Short story that shows how love can bring the movement in our life. Music - Konformist. Clothes - Made on Earth. Video production - Aladeo Studio.

Marilyn Manson
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Hey, Cruel World Tour
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