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MTV - Identity Reboot

Choc Gold – Tronic (NYC, USA)
Motion Graphics - 3D animation / real flow fluid simulation

Mr Furry – Realise (London, UK)
Motion Graphics - 3D animation / motion capture / fur simulation

Oil – Maxim Zhestkov (Ulyanovsk, Russia)
Motion Graphics - 3D animation / physics simulation

Candy – Zeitguised (London, UK / Stuttgart, Germany)
Motion Graphics - 3D animation / physics simulation / 300 computer render farm

Wind Kiss – Universal Everything (Sheffield, UK)
Live Action Motion Graphics - High speed ‘Red’ camera / wind machines / 3D animation / contemporary dancers

Mad Drummer – Universal Everything (Sheffield, UK)
Motion Graphics - Audio reactive waveform animation

MTV World Design Studio Milano in collaboration with Dylan Griffith, Creative Director of MTV North.

MTV - Identity Reboot
MTV Networks International (MTVNI) is refreshing MTV with a single look and feel.
The intent of the refresh is to embrace change and express what MTV means today.
Credits: MTV International, Choc Gold – Tronic , Mr Furry – Realise , Oil – Maxim Zhestkov , Candy – Zeitguised , Wind Kiss – Universal Everything , Mad Drummer – Universal Everything