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MLP: This Day Aria (instrumental)

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Version with original audio:

(All of these views, what the hay...)

Don't tell me this song doesn't give you chills, you liar. All of these emotions...

I originally made this instrumental so that I could do a cover of this song (OH DEAR GOD NO), but I decided that it was alright enough to put into a sing-a-long video.

About the song name - 'aria', I found, can translate to "solo piece" (as in, musical piece). The two characters singing are physically the same creature, so it WOULD be a solo piece...absolutely brilliant.

I also apologize in advance for the mediocre job of removing vocals. This was the first time I've made a karaoke! If you think this sounds alright, however, go ahead and request songs to make into instrumentals. c:

Secret-secret-can-you-keep-it: I've been listening to this song on re

[Evil Cadence]

This day is going to be perfect,
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small.
Everypony will gather 'round,\N say that I look lovely in my gown.
What they don't know is I have fooled them all.

This day was going to be perfect,
The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small.
But instead of having cake
With all my friends to celebrate, my wedding bells,
They may not ring for me at all.

[Evil Cadence]
I could care less about the dress, I won't partake in any cake.
Vows, well, I'll be lying when I say
That through any kind of weather l'l want us to be together.
The truth is I don't care for him at all!
NO! I do not love the groom,
In my heart there is no room.
But I still want him to be all MINE!

We must escape before it's too late, find a way to save the day.
Hope, I'll be lying if I say!
I don't care that I may los

not a audio rip. an actual instrumental!!!
orignial by daniel ingrim.
this HAD to be written into an instrumental!!!! such a good song!!! sorry if i make a typo. very tired from writting this song as SOON as i got off thre plane! BUT IT WAS WORH IT. feel free to take this and sing to it. and send me your singing cover. i LOVE to hear it!! peace out...imma sleep now....zzzzzz


time taken:
around 4-5 hours...i think


Changeling Queen: