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Why go to the gym, when you can go places like this?

Filmed at Pinnacles National Monument, Condor Gulch Trail. 2 miles, 800+ vertical feet of rise. Rock hopping is always fun!

Pinnacles National Monument gets its name from rock spires and crags that are remnants of an ancient volcano. The volcano eroded over millions of years as it moved northward along the San Andreas Fault. Rock debris in the form of boulders has weathered and settled, leaving behind spires of volcanic rock and talus caves.
Пони - это для настоящих мужиков!)
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What are your thoughts of your time here on this plane of reality?

Also, some of the best philosophy ever written, can be found in music.

Voiceover work again by the ever awesome Caerdwyn.

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, were just having fun here. Really!