MLP FIM Something to Believe In смотреть онлайн

MLP FIM Something to Believe In

Please listen with the 720p version; it will sound better. This is because
YouTube recompresses the audio when it is scaling down the videos to
smaller than 720p, which can make the audio on 480p or smaller videos
sound terrible.

Here is a little something for all the haters and the wana be internet tough guys out there. No mater what you say or type, we can easily ignore your trash talking, jive walking, vile spitting horse apples! My Bronies and I will stand tall long after you all get tired of typing to see yourselves type.

Caredwyn again lends a helping hoof with the lyrics here, and he does a fine job at it too!

Thank you all again for your subscriptions and your comments, it keeps me going and steadily improving with each song I tackle.

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intended. Put down the lawyer and back away slowly.