MLP FIM Piano Colt by Billy Foal смотреть онлайн

MLP FIM Piano Colt by Billy Foal

The next song in the Billy Foal album project.

I've been working on this one FOREVVVERRRR (Pinkie Pie voice) I know it's not perfect, but it's the best I can do right now. I hope you all still enjoy it.

I want to thank d.notive for his help on this song! Go and love him!

Also much love to Caerdwyn for his help with the mix and his constant suggestion of "sing higher" *laughs*

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"Celestia Waits for You"

Special thanks to Kathy Hauser for redoing her Piano Colt piece just for me.

MediaFire Download:

Piano Colt 2 by kathyhauser

Everypony sings wallpaper by tanaisfox