MGS: Philanthropy: MGS Philanthropy - Part 1 - Full Movie (2009) - HD re-upload, The Land Where Truth Was Born (MGS Philanthropy - Part 2 Preview), Mission

MGS: Philanthropy

The original movie by Hive Division - MGS Philanthropy - Part 1 - The Overnight Nation
MGS Philanthropy is a no budget film made by Hive Division, a collective of Italian students and young filmmakers. It's a non-profit project, based on the videogame saga Metal Gear Solid, created by Hideo Kojima and published by Konami. Driven by our passion for cinema, new technologies and Hideo Kojima's work, the aim of this project is to prove that a full-length sci-fi feature, of professional standards and with the
In 2009, Hive Division released "MGS Philanthropy", a 70 minutes movie based on the Metal Gear saga by Hideo Kojima.
In 2013, Hive started planning a sequel, "MGS Philanthropy part 2". The project, unfortunately, in October 2014 came to a halt due to licensing issues.
A piece of project survived, though: "The Land Where Truth Was Born", a scene from MGSP2 which was originally conceived as a tool to promote a crowd funding campaign for funding the completion of the whole movie, is now available as a 1
Snake smokes WAY too much while waiting for MGSP2 to start
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