Пора раскрутить этот хиппи-фест по полной.
Иногда бывают такие ситуации в жизни , когда человек беспомощен как таракан опркинутый на спину ... И ему представляется быстрый , но отнюдь не простой (в плане морали) способ выйти из ситуации...
Taken From: obZen
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Produced by Ian McFarland & Killswitch Productions
Directed, Written & Edited by Ian McFarland & Mike Pecci
meshuggah's bleed guitar cover.
gear: maxera luthier custom 8 string.
toontrack metal gods for the guitar sound
ez drummer
broomstick bass.

here it fucking is, bros and brogirls. spread it like the FUCKING PLAGUE! this cover is live (and the first take actually) so it's packed with mistakes BUT.. no fucks were given this day!
аж взгрустнулось
Mathcore, Technical Post-Thrash Metal
Истекай кровью
Трехпальцевая техника игры
This is 100%-correct bass drum pattern!
Hope you enjoy it!
FL Project and mp3 track:

В этом проекте верная на 100% партия бас-бочки.
Надеюсь, вам понравится! Насчет битов или других вопросов обращаться в пм
Файл проекта и mp3-трэк:

First pillow cover by Stanislav Handerov / Первый подушкакавер Станислава Хандерова.
Ы)) паходу мне тож без ударки нада буит покупать тупо кардан и дрочить диван))
Это видео в лучшем качестве тут:

В левом канале оригинальный звук, в правом - моя игра) Чтоб понятно было!
Meshuggah, Bleed official video in HD 720p, from the album Obzen, 2008!

самый добрый и милый клип
Чувак на ютубе делает акапелки разные )))
Местами очень хорошо делает.

там еще вот есть.
Drum Cam footage of Thomas Haake playing "Bleed".

All credit goes to Kenny of Blastology.
Watch on real drums:

This is a Drum Cover by Meshuggah called Bleed. I filmed this on my iphone after an afternoon of teaching, which is why I'm playing on this little electronic kit lol. I'm using my Pearl Demon Drive Pedals tho :)

Troy Wright
Вася играет Блид
My Band Achroma Rising:
только для любителей мешуги! (долго и скучно)
в лучшем качестве
более высокое качество
Mathcore, Technical Post-Thrash Metal
Моя стиральная машина во время отжима генерирует ритм для Мешугги! Они специально приехали ко мне за новыми ритмами. Сейчас мы придумываем с ними новый альбом, пока отжимается моя футболка, альбом будет збс!!!
Played by Alexey Shaptsov
“Trying some variations of the first pattern from "Bleed" by Meshuggah”
Подушкакавер на трек Meshuggah - Bleed)))
Это видео в лучшем качестве:
Meshuggah - Bleed (cover by Graver 5)
Лучшие коубы в приложении COUB:
Arrangement, instruments and "jazzy white boy" vocals done by me. Please donate a buck or two at

Bleed by Meshuggah live in New York.
Taken from their live dvd Alive

Copyrights to Nuclear Blast and Meshuggah 2010
This is a video of myself going over the beginning drums in the song Bleed. Various examples and plenty of advice given. It's all good in the hood. Any questions? Just ask me.

Вы находитесь в одной из этих ситуаций?
- Вы совсем не знакомы с инструментом (гитара, электрогитара, бас- гитара) и нуждаетесь в помощи, чтобы начать его осваивать.
- Вы уже какое-то время обучаетесь самостоятельно, но застряли или зашли в тупик и нуждаетесь в помощи опытного педагога.
- Вы сочиняете песни, но хотели бы лучше понимать музыку и улучшить свой навык.
- Вы обожаете такие игры как Guitar Hero и Rock Band и хотите научиться играть на реальном инструменте.
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Вы можете научиться играть и создавать музыку!
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Rhytm guitarist Mårten Hagström and lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal from Meshuggah show the riffs from the song "BLEED" from their last album ObZen.

Web Site→

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my channel.Im a japanese drummer. U can call me as Spica since that is my nickname. Plz thumb up n subscribe if u like my vid :D

Beat box jam to meshuggah bleed
Tomas Haake is showing off his incredible skills in this Drumorientated video. Wincent Drumsticks are proud to have him as an endorsee!

Guitarltd Vb-400
неустающие ноги)
Full cover (guitars, bass, drums) of Meshuggah's Bleed, at 130 bpm. Enjoy
Instruments used:
Agile Intrepid 9 String
Pod 2.0
Evh 5150 III 50W Head
Marshall 1936 2x12 cab
AT Mics
Ibanez Axstar Bass
Guitar Rig Bass Amp
Toontrack Drums

note: the audio from the shown rhythm guitar performance is on the right, the prerecorded rhythm on left. It may be a bit messy at times, but I left it that way to be true to the video performance. the video of the lead is the track tha
Meshuggah - Bleed
Lady Gaga - Paparazzi - уроки гитары - одна из лучших групп Вконтакте, посвященная гитаре!

Filmed, edited and recorded by Reflections

Engineered by Greg Johnson
Meshuggah Bleed Remix by Igorrr
Live at Close-up Båten, Sweden
Kuba Szostak - Bleed by Meshuggah guitar cover (full song, rythm parts only)
Meshuggah - Bleed Guitar Lesson (Part 1). This is the first video in a series I am doing on the song Bleed by Meshuggah. It is a really deep song musically, and I will be going through the whole thing and pointing out different ways to learn the riffs on guitar and certain compositional concepts that they may have used. More videos will come soon since this video only covers the first two minutes of the song. I also teach private guitar lessons online and you can go to for more inform
So, after few months since this video was recorded, here's my attempt to one of the most intresting songs that I ever tried to study from one of my favourite band ever.
Bleed has different sixteen patterns that are perfectly armonized into his intricated polyrhythmic sistem, but once you get the initial combination it's quite simple to apply and dismeber that one in order to play it under the aspect of the different kind of ostinatoes in the track.
I've just added some 'colours' in the initial part a
Bleed - Demiurge (Meshuggah cover)
Live in Bingo 29.09.2012
Meshuggah - Bleed cover Live in Kalyniv
Enjoy this video of me getting a great forearm work out! (I know I messed up towards the end but there was no way I was gonna do this all over again... once is enough!)

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Revisiting the VH4 I did a demo for earlier this year. No boost!

Signal chain: Ibanez RGA8 with Rautia Rawdog8 pickups----Diezel VH4---Mesa Roadster 2x12 cab---Shure SM57

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For more info check my blog or head to facebook and like my fan page!

Thanks to Kent Eriksson from CB Murdo
little tutorial about dancing)))
lesson from Russian Kidman)))))))
20% slower, 20% more brutal.

This is a remastered version of my other Bleed video, this time with HD video, FLAC audio initially, and better 'slow-down' software. The song is 4 semitones lower.

Since I used the studio audio, and kept the video at regular speed, the audio and video are disjointed as soon as the music starts, and I had to create some filler for when the music video ends. Enjoy the staring contest.

Download this song:
Original song:

If you have any questions just send me a message ;)

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He's a great drummer IRL
l337dr suggested doing this btw, took a few hours and BSODs

I dare you to write the lyrics!

My gaming channel ►
hello again bass maniacs. It was quite a while since I uploaded last video. I was quite busy that I haven't got enough time to do some more covers even to practice. I was so out of shape that I decided to do more excersise on bass. I chose this song cause I think it's perfect one to practice right hand and I just love it so much I decided to upload this one on youtube. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

ESP ltd B-206 SM
Warwick Red Label steel strings
PROEL Die hard and Warwick

You can now see this in HD:

Ok, so let me introduce you to the craziest, most intense, brutal, skull-crushing, insane, fu*ked up song ever created! One of my all time favourite songs by one of my all time favourite bands =)

I got a lot of messages about my custom guitar in the last video I used it.
It's built by Jesse Hall also known as The Illustrated Luthier.

Hope you like the video. It was really a pain in the ass for me to edit. My
#EpicMusicFail#6 Meshuggah - Bleed
#EpicMusicFail #Fail #Music #TopFails #TopFail #EpicFail #MusicFail #MusicFails #AlexP #FourFireFront
This is the first song i made.
It reminds me of my year at Darbu, :D

"""I´ve made an acapella version of the song "bleed" from the band meshuggah. it has been a project i have been working on ¨round three days. I have arranged the melodic parts mostly by improvisation. Nothing is clipped and repeated but there has been a few takes =O) as you may understand. Nothing is autotuned, Its recorded with sonar and video edited in pinnacle. I hope you enjoy this. now tell all your friends. subsc
Groove by Tomas Haake, from "Bleed", a track included in Meshuggah's "ObZen" (2008);
Ludwig Epic Maple 22 x 18, Snare LM402K 14 x 6,5, Ludwig Atlas Series Doule pedal, Paiste Cymbals 2002 Line, Vic Firth Sticks, Remo Heads.

Drum Charts available on DRUMSET MAG number 12, April 2013. Or Direct link: NOW is FREE!!!!

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Сорян залагал Open Broadcaster во время сьемки. Видео тормознутое.

Hellscream Academy.

School of Rock
Vocal, Gutiar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum, Music Theory Lessons at the studio and online!
From "The Ophidian Trek" on Blu-ray.

To view lyrics, turn on subtitles.
I felt that there were enough good drum covers of Bleed so I decided to do something different ;P

Had to do 2 takes cause I was exhausted, also, I am shirtless because its about 98 degrees up in this bitch.
Калининградский кавер на группу Meshuggah от двух человек - вокалистки и мультиинструменталиста Ы =) Приятного просмотра.

Moscow Drum Community DRUMROOM

#drumroom #drumroomtulskaya #drumroomelektrozavod #drumroomeducation
Драм-кавер на один из лучших треков шведской math-metal группы Meshuggah. Снято одним дублем. Приятного просмотра!
No solo - maybe I'll give it a shot once my hands have healed.

''To all the Viewers, here are a few things I would like to mention about everything in this video, regarding which you might have some questions - This is the fastest version of Bleed till now on the Internet (136 BPM)

Firstly - I would like to give a special mention to my dear friend 'Josh Seguin' who is the Guitarist for Mute the Saint and his band P.D.P as his own cover video of this song was the source of inspiration for me in which he played this song at 130 BPM.It was his playing and that pushed be

Drum Transcript:
Bleed Meshuggah Guitar Playthrough
Troy Wright from the Gold Coast, Australia.
snapchat: troywright

Drum Transcript:

Meshuggah Bleed - Full Drum Cover:

My Website:

*Filmed, recorded, mixed and edited by Troy Wright at the Wright Drum School Studios
Meshuggah - Bleed | Teeth Cover

Video and audio recorded separately, because I had to have microphone very close when recording audio, so you wouldn't see the teeth rockin'. Audio and video are a little offset at times, sorry for that.

Original song by Meshuggah
Видео группы
«Абажаю Дэтх!» - сообщество металистов, которые способны относиться к жизни с чувством юмора и воспринимать глупые высказывания о любимой музыке не как оскорбление, а как безобидные шутки.
At Kirk hammett's fear fest at the rockbar San Jose ca April 12,2015
Meshuggah "Born in Dissonance"

The track is all about that bass so I decided to shoot a separate kick angle! The kit is an electronic Roland TD-30KV. Samples from Superior Drummer 2, EZDrummer + expansion packs. Leave a comment if you got any questions :) Links below.


Разбираем по тихому...
This is what happens when Sarah sings "Bleed" by Meshuggah

Sarah Kane -
Instagram/twitter - @sarahkanemusic

Filming/editing - Brad Podray -
скоро сделаю полноценный кавер
со вторым куплетом лажанул. кавер в разработке :D
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