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Группа для просмотров живых концертов Linkin Park
Запись песни When They Come For Me
LPTV о записи песни «When They Come For Me». Бред орет на испанском.
Когда хочется отыграть яростную песню, а электричеством не разрешили пользоваться
"Moonstruck" appears on The Megaphonic Thrift's self-titled album released March 13, 2012.

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Panasonic’s futuristic new gizmo may make airport employees’ lives a lot easier. It’s called the “Megahonyaku” (a portmanteau of “megaphone” and “translation” in Japanese), and it automatically spits out Japanese sentences into English, Chinese, or Korean.
ококок, мы это сделали на дефиле.
место проведения - Hikari no Tenshi 2011
Kagamine Rin - Hisaribi
Kagamine Len - Sayu

косбэнд - Megaphone-group

здесь будет ссылка на фотосет с.

а еще мы получили приз жюри с.

Усилитель громкости iPhone не требует электричества
Akrapovic Megaphone Kawasaki Z 750
Stock vs Racefit. Exhaust now full titanium (stock headers)
1997 Harley Davidson 80ci 1340cc EVO Road King with Bassani Xhaust Long Megaphone 4" slipon mufflers. Baffles are in, but are removable. Motor is completely stock. The audio is straight from the Kodak Zi6 camera with no modifications. If you don't have a subwoofer hooked up to your Youtube, you're missing out on the extreme low end rumble these produce.
Me and marcus megaphoned... inappropriately.

I did another video with Marcus butler:

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Megaphone filterscript.
2014 Kawasaki Z1000 Akrapovic Megaphone Titanium slip on Remove Silencer
Other Cool and HOT Z1000 here:

2014 new Kawasaki Z1000 - Official Review
Kawasaki Z1000 Devil carbon fiber exhaust with Y pipe
Kawasaki Z1000 Diablo black with Yoshimura exhaust
Kawasaki Z1000 Yoshimura R77 carbon fiber VS Akrapovic titanium with Custom LED preview
2014 Kawasaki Z1000 ABS First Ride - MotoUSA
Kawasaki Z1000 Akrapovic Sound HD
2014 Kawasaki Z1000 AB
A pretty demolishing "FUS RO DAH!"
Simpsons final Episode of season 8 "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson"
Turns out I really am "shit" at editing^^... tried isolating the FUS RO DAH only, using this mod and trying a fade in and out effect... I just couldn't find a way to easily and quickly make it perfect or usable for that matter, but i hope someone will try^^
MEGAPHONE Racoon Studio made this short video for Ene&is. Our friends created the Megaphone wich is a passive Amplifier for iphone made of ceramic. Official website: Facebook fanpage: Production & Post : Racoon Studio Client: The sound was recorded live from the Megaphone. Filmed with Canon 5D

video from 5SOS Good Girls BTS video
live at Enmore 2004
He's got a megaphone.

This was shown at the actual Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January 2011! You can watch a documentary I made about it here:

A LEGO version of Parry Gripp's gripe song. Based on a true story.
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"Все Пранки / All Pranks"
Здесь ты найдешь самые лучшие пранки, розыгрыши, троллинг - интервью, социальные эксперименты всего мира!
My buddy riding his new GSXR-750, he has got the new Hotbodies Racing megaphone pipe and damn that thing sounds good!
Honda CBR 250RR MC22 with MX2 Megaphone SlipOn .

Produced by SimonSound

The Megaphone State - VLA Kings
© 2012 Fresh Tunes Finland

Powered by Sound Blueberry, Cali Helsinki, Flada 13

Supported by Heineken, CTRL Clothing, Good Things International

Pablo Films 2012


Trix Helsinki

Aldine comes out March 17th
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physical orders come signed and include an exclusive track 12!

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(c) 2009 Deadly Records.

Produced in whole by No Reel Film. Shot in one day on Sony EX-1.

Немножко о видео: двигатель 600 кубов крутится до 18 тыс оборотов, белая вспышка срабатывает на придельных оборотах и сигнализирует необходимость переключения передач.

Akrapovic Megaphone - это названия прямотока.
Bart is testing megaphones at the Springfield police station.


The Simpsons, Die Simpsons, Les Simpson, Los Simpson, I Simpson, Os Simpsons, Си́мпсоны, 辛普森一家, द सिम्पसन्स, عائلة سيمبسون, Simpsonlar

The Simpsons - Testing Megaphones | H.J. Simpson
Kawasaki Z1000 with Akrapovic GP series Megaphone exhaust, walk around and sound test

Para más información, visita

Music video by Xuso Jones performing Megaphone. (C) 2014 Universal Music Spain, S.L.
recorded live in Burscheid / Megaphon 2010. Audio mixed and mastered by J. Tochtenhagen. Produced by BOB-MEDIA for ECHOZONE MUSIC. (c)+(p) ECHOZONE MUSIC.
Live enregistré à Music Academy de Nancy le 26 septembre 2009

Guillaume Bideau - Voice
Aif G - Drums
Manu Livertout - Guitar
Amen Viana - Guitar
Jean Bisello - Bass
s08e25 - The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson
a very uncooperative megaphone at Second Beach.

Le meilleur système anti cambriolage - Best Anti Theft Device Ever
Обновление на сервере Community - RPG.
I just bought my very first motorcycle, this baby here.

I didnt have my gear with me so i couldnt tool around the parkinglot. Once I get it shipped to montana I'll get some more video of it.

This was from the making of her Alive video, and was posted on her official Vevo page.
hwcls screwing around with a Megaphone in SeiserAlm snowpark.
Truck-swapping, close-calls, power lines and megaphones... Welcome to Electric Chair. (Some b-roll footage from our BASE jumping trip to Moab, UT in 2015.)

Starring: Tom Grayson, Anthony Kimball, Rebecca Jean, Matt Turcs, Jamie Flyn, & Calli.

Additional filming: Tyson Preyer and Mike Cook

To license the footage in this copyrighted video, please contact
SNOWANDFLY. project:

Techno Cop - Axel F.
Catalog#:863 607-1
Format:Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM

Producer - Cool Cool
Tracks A B1:
Produced for Beat-Power-Music at Westlake Beat-Power-Studios.

Track B2:
Produced for Beat-Power-Music at Westlake Studios. Get Adobe Audition - support these tutorials. Learn Adobe Audition - take my full course!
Create a megaphone effect on your voice using the advanced editing features in Adobe Audition. Here's how to add a megaphone sound effect to voice overs with Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative.

Get your own radio jingles from
нам явно что-то подмешали в утренний чай (с)

сценический косплей, ок.

первый блин вышел очень комом, ок.
четыре человека вообще никаким боком к этой сценке не относились, мы просто их выцепели среди зрителей и участников.
я странно свела минусовку и пропустила одну фразу, из-за чего прикола не поняли.
ну да ладно, мы вышли со сцны и люто ржали \о
Today on In Case You Missed It: A crowdfunding campaign to help the hearing impaired pairs a Google Glass-like head display with a mini-computer to create real-time closed captioning. Those that are impaired after a 14-hour flight, international travelers will get some love at Japan’s Narita International Airport with a megaphone that can translate Japanese messages into Chinese and English. Finally, gym rats will probably be into this Kickstarter for a towel (The Towell) which will give you a towel with a

Nuff said... :)
Hornet modelo 2012 com Akrapovic Megaphone, tive que diminuir a qualidade do video para fazer o upload no youtube.

PS: não cortei giro porque esta com apenas 1000KM, mas assim que der uma amaciada coloco video novo ;) e o proximo vai ser andando!


1st, Honda Ruckus to have a custom Akrapovic Gp exhaust. Full custom built by Standard Functions, designed by LoS Garage.
Symone - Buyakasha (Nathaniel Knows Bootleg)
Подпишись, буду благодарен
Я в ВК -
Скачать мод -
Г'нгста песня : NWA – Fuck The Police
John Barrowman from Arrow, Torchwood & Doctor Who managed to find a megaphone at the Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo. He lays out the rules for his photo op with the waiting crowd
New Granada Records 20th Anniversary (2014)
Another cosplay blog where I talk about our love is war megaphones and how you can make one for allot cheaper than what amazon and ebay is selling them. Details in the video as well as links below:

Megaphones- $15.03 (20.61 with shipping)

Find a local store near you that sells this stuff, or check your local Walmart to see if they have any spray paint that adheres
A Blank Blank production. Music by The Megaphonic Thrift.
16 mm transfer to video. Produced, processed and transferred at Muscle Temple Laboratories.
Directed / Drawn / Animated by O W L S - George Mellor Hugh Frost

Track: Meet Me In The Middle
Artist: Sportsday Megaphone
Label: Sunday Best Recordings

Our Weird Little Secret 2009
Live - 03.11.2011 Yokohama Arena
TV - 04.03.2012 WOWOW Live
Dive (Dirk Ivens,Sonar,TheKlinik) Intro whit Megaphone
♥ День Самурая Х)
♥ День Гейши :3
♥ Дни рождения Ваших верных ведущих
Саю-тян и Вороны *w* группа пати собственно само пати :3

ждем вас! =^3^=

Пы.Сы: отдельное спасибо Сарычу за терпение и съемку этого бреда. а так же Хису за присутствие и моральную поддержку ^^' а, да, и Гаку за монтаж х)
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"Все Пранки / All Pranks"
Здесь ты найдешь самые лучшие пранки, розыгрыши, троллинг - интервью, социальные эксперименты всего мира!
Yamaha MT03 660 single with a completely custom built 6" Megaphone Tailpiece in polished T304 Stainless Steel. DB Killer option avaialable, because this thumps Really Really loud! Power Commander Mapping, Engine Tuning, and more tidying to come next on the tailend and lighting.
Megaphone-group, AVector'11
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credit as tagged

- awww baby is sweet to pay attention to his fans XD
- this is one of the major reason why i LOVE him sfm, besides being awesomely talented.
-It saddens me that people are complaining about his mushroom hair comeback (which i think is extremely cute). No matter what hairstyle he sports he still is and always will be LEE TAEMIN. SHINee's cute, beautiful, talented, sweet and adorable maknae.
- lol at Key in the back<br/><br/>
Silent film directors were flamboyant pioneers, making up their technique as they went along. Filming 'indoor' sets on open outdoor lots and combating the elements, communicating with actors in spite of overwhelming distraction and deafening noise, directors (male and female) fashion great films out of chaos and confusion. Interviews include Bessie Love, Janet Gaynor, and King Vidor.

from .rars<br/><br/>
HP Baxxter freestyle freestiling with megaphone Scooter jumpstyle sings singing sing rap rapping live techno jumpstyle megafoon megafon Rick Ferris Michael Jay Axel Frog Coon Simon Bueller

Awesome Supermoto Sunday with Wheelies, Stoppies, Hooliganism, Mountains, Angry People, MEGAPHONE!!! this ride was also a Meet-Up for anyone in the area! Im so glad all you peeps showed up and made it the best Sumo eveeer! With s02e03 meaning season 2 episode 3. I even tried some new shit today with leg-on-the-seat and stand up wheelies. Getting more and more comfortable!

Previous Sumo s02e02:

Huge thank you to @Sp00nSTHLM for filming too during the ride:

First single from the upcoming album due February 2012.
© Neues Records/ClubAC30

Video by Blank Blank.
Music by The Megaphonic Thrift.

16mm film to video.

Авторская программа Александра Тертычного "ТЕТ-А-ТЕТ" с творческим объединением "МЕГАФОН" Черкассы. Хаустов Владимир, Сергеев Александр, Троцан Тимофей, Пустовойтов Виталий, Вениамин.

Spaceballs movie clips:

Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) and Colonel Sandurz (George Wyner) supervise the troops combing the desert.

A space bum helps rescue a princess from an evil overlord with the help of a benevolent elder in this Star Wars send-up written and directed by Mel Brooks. Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and his half-man, half-dog co-pilot, Barf the Mawg
Obscure Rock Heavy Sunshine Pop Sike...Audio From Original Vinyl...
With A Girl Like You
The Sky That Is Blue
Zeppelin’s Good Friday
Where Oh Where Is Mother?
Yesterdays Child
Eyes Of The World
The Kids Are Alright
Cold Wind In August
Sunny Day
You’ll Be Sorry Someday
Baby Blue

by WTF COUB · #guy with megaphone faceplants
"Megahonyaku" is equipped with an automatic audio translation function. When you speak Japanese into the microphone, it will recognize the sound, analyze the sentence structure, and automatically translate into 3 languages. And by pressing the respective icon, it will read out the information in 3 languages.
Full Video:(English) http://channel.pana
Aldine comes out March 17th
preorder digital:
preorder physical:
physical orders come signed and include an exclusive track 12!

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During the MOH Radio Live show Tuesday April 19th 2011, we had Nosferatu coming over to play a set. As the interview featured many new information on Nosferatu's projects, we decided to put it online. Also accompanied by the (un)usual bullshit you come across when the show is aired :-)

Fourth part of our studioreport recording vocals for our fourth full length album coming up in the first quarter of 2013.
Big thanks to Martin @ Megaphon Tonstudios and Moritz @ Silberstreifen!
YAMAHA YZF-R6 with Megaphone AKRAPOVIC Muff.
Didn't you ever want to do this as a kid? - Маяк в Мире Музыки
"I can hear the grass grow"
played at Shinjuku URGA.
Apr 16th, 2005.

This song

This band is so weird i love these 4 dorks.

from this video :
Песни На Улицах // Car Megaphoning
Оригинальное видео:
Канал JacksGap:
Канал Marcus Butler:

Where To Find Us:

Делаем субтитры к:
— Zoella (Зои Сагг, Зоелла, Зоелла Сагг)
— ThatcherJoe (Джо, Джо Сагг)
— Caspar (Каспар Ли)
— Marcus Butler (Маркус Батлер)
— JacksGap (Джек и Финн, близнецы)
— Alfie Deys (Алфи Дейс)
— Tyler Oakley (Тайлер Окли)
микрофон в телефоне не смог передать всю полноту убойного звучания этого выхлопа. записал какие-то булькающие звуки((
New single out from The Megaphonic Thrift! From the forthcoming album "Sun Stare Sound". To be released February 20th 2015.

funny shit, comment please, subscribe? idk lol.
Second part of our studioreport recording bass for our fourth full length album coming up in the first quarter of 2013.
Big thanks to Martin @ Megaphon Tonstudios and Moritz @ Silberstreifen!
Z alba Megaphone - GIFT SHOP (2013)

Zpěv: Bohumil Sláma
Sólová kytara: Tomáš Kapusta
Doprovodná kytara: Petr Čermák
Basová kytara: Jakub Smutný
Bicí: Vladimír Vařeka
Vokály: Eliška Malá, Petra Macháčková
Klávesy : Jan Šimáček
Nahrávání, mix a master: Jan Balcar ve studiu 3bees

a j-harp experiment. the blue tape was used to push the button continuously.

'Supernova' by Megaphone.
Director of photography: Ilkka Rämä
Editor: Steingrímur Dúi Másson
Copyright: n@b 2006

Bjarki Kaikumo - vocals
Kristian Wahlström - guitar
Ilari Hämäläinen - bass
Mikko Sirén - drums
recorded live in Burscheid / Megaphon 2010. Audio mixed and mastered by J. Tochtenhagen. Produced by BOB-MEDIA for ECHOZONE MUSIC. (c)+(p) ECHOZONE MUSIC.
A'PEXi Hybrid Megaphone MUFFLER toyota Harrier 98

this is my new 2010 gsxr 600 white i have put pazzo levers, kn airfilter, akrapovic gp exhaust, hid conversion kit
2006 Yamaha R6 with T-Tuner Mid Pipe and Akrapovic Megaphone Slip-on exhaust.
make sure u bring along an ear plugs here :-)
VoiceTone X1 brings a modern "down and dirty" quality to live vocals with tinny megaphones and sharp vocal distortion effects under singers' control.

This is megaphone's cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi." You can also listen to it in our FREE iPhone app! Check out megaphone at and Some of this footage was shot at the Amway Arena in Orlando, FL when we opened for AC/DC. Thanks to David, Tristan, Paul, Michelle, and Jenni for the footage!
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tha trickaz megaphone
Новогодний корпоратив компании Мегафон
Live - 03.11.2011 Yokohama Arena
BD - 02.05.2012

1. Heart beats goes on.
2. Hello! -a cappella-
3. JOY
4. 勇敢なヴァニラアイスクリーム
5. ビスケット
6. キスをしようよ
7. Wild Ladies
8. Super Elastic
9. ひみつ
10. 2人のストーリー
11. 笑いとばせ
12. ハローグッバイ
13. Hello!
14. ワンダーライン
15. The Breath
16. クライマー・クライマー
17. ランデヴー
18. 揺れるスカート
19. マイ・プライヴェート・アイダホ
20. ティンカーベル
22. 鳴いてる怪獣
23. 相思相愛
24. Dear.ママ
25. 集まろう for tomorrow
A Blank Blank production. Music by The Megaphonic Thrift. With: Peter Koziel, Marta Fernandez Director: Blank Blank Editing / Graphics: Petri Henriksson DoP: Carlos Vasquez Production Design: Nuria Manzaneda Special Effects: Jørund Hannevold 16 mm transfer to video Processed and transferred at Muscle Temple Laboratories. more about the film and making of:
Just an ordinary day in the house of pain :-)
Btw... Nicky Dj became deaf after that! Lol

More videos at:
Tha Trickaz - Megaphone
Out October 18th 2010

Лучшие и самые свежие пранки только у нас !

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