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MC Xander - Gnosis

, MC Xander - Gnosis,
Frühlingsfest Paderborn 2011: MC XANDER - Beat-Boxer, Rapper und Sänger - mit einer genialen Live Performance - Wer DUB FX oder RICO LOOP mag, wi... The whole track is made using only vocals/ beatbox. MC Xander's new all-vocal album 'eyeopeness' available at
Audio quality is a bit better on the album than youtube is allowing here :)

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18.02\ MC XANDER (UK)\ ЦКЗ "Аврора"
Премьера дебютного all-vocal альбома «Eyeopeness»
18 февраля 2012
время: 23:59-06:00
ЦКЗ "Аврора" (в здании отеля "Санкт-Петербург"), Пироговская наб. 5/2 MC Xander playing his all-vocal/beatbox track Gnosis live, using only a mic, a loopstation and kaoss pad. Performance is part of a interview:

the new album 'eyeopeness' available at

Art and film direction: James Mckenzie-Blyth -


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