Love over This: // isak and even // i can see the flickers over me. 🏳️‍🌈 (i love editing this ship, my new otp!) #skam, Instagram: Love this snippet from

Love over This

“@thejulietsimms killing it in Shakopee yesterday! So amazingly talented and gorgeous. Still getting over being this close to her! #vanswarpedtour…”
“editing this honeymoon diary for y'all 💕💕💕💕 still can't get over the first show back 💞💞💞💞 pinch me / I love you 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲”
“Throw back video.. It s never been enough to watch this over and over again.. Made tour malaysia Day 2.. I love the way gd hugged Ri so tight and dragged…”
“I watched this movie like over thousand times😭 and I still love every single part of it😍
Who of you have seen the film?”
“OVER 800 HILLYWOOD FANS!! 😱👏🏻 This was mind-blowing! Thank you for this overwhelming experience! We love y'all so much! ❤️ #SLCC #TheHillywoodShow…”
choreo+idea - Darya Kucegub
song - Ray LaMontagne – This Love Is Over
Art group "La Kastrule"
Dancers: Ira, Masha, Vika, Dasha

Студия танца "D":

Lady-style. Расписание:
ЧЕТВЕРГ 18.00-19.00
СУББОТА 15.00-16.00

"Strip-light" (стрип-пластика для начин.).Расписание:
ПОНЕДЕЛЬНИК 17.00-18.00
СРЕДА 17.00-18.00

или по тел. 68-17-78
Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs
This Love Is Over

Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs perform LIVE, in cooperation with WXPN Radio and Borders, from World Cafe Live on August 20, 2010.
Deben Activar Los Subtitulos Para Verlos, Están Aparte.

Un tema de Ray Lamontagne The Pariah Dogs en WXPN Radio and Borders, desde World Cafe Live en Agosto 20, 2010.

P.D. Supongo que es hora de cerrar la puerta, ya no quiero llorar mas, es sólo que no vale la pena luchar por ello.
Duele escuchar tanta verdad en una canción.
EuroDance & Другая Танцевальная Музыка 90-х:

НАШЕ РАДИО "EuroDance 90 - Channel ED number one"
Только ритмичный EURODANCE - 90х!!!! Медляков НЕТ!!! Все EURODANCE ХИТЫ для Вас,и Ваших друзей!!! Для дома и дачи!!! Заряжаемся позитивом на всю неделю ВМЕСТЕ!!!)

НАШЕ РАДИО "EuroDance 90 - Channel ED number one"
Только ритмичный EURODANCE - 90х!!!! Медляков НЕТ!!! Все EURODANCE ХИТЫ для Вас,и Ваших друзей!!! Для дома и дачи!!! Заряжаемся позитивом на всю неделю ВМЕСТЕ!!!)
˙˙·٠•●♥✿ Цветочки после Ягодок ✿♥●•٠·˙˙
My Favorite Track on the New Album - God Willin The Creek Don't Rise


MUSIC: politik- coldplay
SCENES: Jdrama "Byakuyakou"
Regina Belle - Gotta Get Over This Love (Album Version)
Video mostrando a semelhana entre Born This Way e When Love Takes Over.

Please watch in HD! Also the voice overs are probably easier to hear with headphones on.

So I made this for Geena's OTP contest. In the first round we had to tell the story of our OTP and I really liked this round because I think Delena have the best story and journey of any couple. I showed their relationship from when they first met and "hit it off" in 3x22 until the last episode, 4x15, where Damon told Elena to turn off her humanity. They have gone through tough times like Elena hating Damon for a
Videography: Sara Boulter Photography: Angie Monson Music: Politik Coldplay

"...Oh give me love over, love over, love over this..."

HD Please :)
Yesterday's episode just killed what was left of my SE heart ! I can't believe the writters are ending such a beautiful love story this way ! I'm glad for the Delena's fans : Their scenes were cute, I've got to admit it. But I don't really know how I feel right now about SE : Elena was a great character and I feel like they are destroying her little by little. Anyway, I really enjoy the song I've chosen, and thought it'll be good
Студия танца "Соблазн"
This is my FULL video-dedication for elena finally choosing damon for real.! And letting damon finally get a real shot at getting the girl and being her boyfriend...! I am soo happy about this, it's crazy...! It took some time getting this video done, i really hope you like it..
Me covering "This Love Is Over" by Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs. This is a great song that I just heard the other day. How I learned this song was to tune it down a whole step (DGCFAd) and put a capo on the 1st fret.

Хореография Анастасия Моренко г. Уфа
Ray LaMontagne -- This Love Is Over (Photek Mix B

Sarah Ridgway grew up in Australia and lived in many places before settling in Snowdonia, Wales a land of beautiful mountains and extreme weather. 'The UK is where I first began to understand the concept of off-road running in the purest sense,' She says. Get a sweet taste of what she's talking about in this video as well as her views on pushing her own limits and being
Ray LaMontagne - This love is over (Photek remix)

Taken from the new album 'KU:PALM'
The long awaited new Photek album, KU:PALM is now available to purchase in a variety of digital formats and on CD. You can buy the CD & Digital Download of KU:PALM now at Photek.FM, or head over to Amazon / iTunes / Beatport / Boomkat. Selected tracks will be available on vinyl at the end of 2012.

Album: 'KU:PALM', 2012.