Love is the reason: This is the reason why I love these lads so much #OTRAOslo #onedirection, Mahogany *LOX* 🔒🔑 on Instagram: “& the reason is you 💥 tag

Love is the reason

"Я говорю вам" я очень люблю петь, музыка-это причина, почему я живу
“one of the reasons I love big school is because it fully showcases catherines talents and beauty tbh, walliams was very good at doing that.”
“This is honestly the main reason I love my dad. "We keep getting older while he's getting younger" as @lanzybear would say. Also I thought a little Sting…”
Это он... самый эмоциональный игрок НБА. Слёзы, радость, злость, улыбка, ярость... это всё ОН.
Time - Love is the Reason (Live @ Koper Capodistria)
♫ Мы любим 80-е!♫
Band - Love Is
Song - 10000 Reasons
Written by - Matt Redman

Filmed and Edited by Grey Fox Photography
reuploaded from lihishmuel1's blocked channel

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A last kiss, a last date, a last look into each others eyes.
2014 MALIK studio ART2
another Lou video! some photos are from tumblr so thats why this coloring looks weird :L I wanted to upload it earlier but I was busy so here it is.-Paige
Song.Avril Lavigne-I love you
Записывать мелодик-рок в эпоху гранжа - это, практически, героизм.

Песня с альбома 1993 г. "In Pursuit" четырёх отчаянных американцев:

Scott Lowmaster - Rhythm Guitar / Vocal
Virgil Burdick - Lead Guitar
Ron Chase - Bass
Jay Corey - Drums
[club71290258| Dance Vine] - для тех , кто любит танцы и хорошую музыку
AC MILAN 2010/2011 GOALS
Music: Cypress Hill - get it anyway- rise up

Singer: Abida Parveen
Poetry: Hazrat Shah Niaz
Composer : Muzaffar Ali
D.O.P : Khizar Ali
Post: Syed Tanveen Alam
Writer: Umeira Ahmed
Director: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
Producers: Abdullah Kadwani, Asad Quraishi, Momina Duraid

Avril Lavigne - I Love You / The reason I love you is YOU!
Miley is the singer, actress : celebrity the most wonderful to me.
I love and admire her for so many years. So, to change my videos on 1D, here is a Fanvideo which, I hope, reflects the admiration and love that I have for her, she is just ...
Smiler for ever !! ^^ ♥

Miley est la chanteuse, actrice, célébrité la plus merveilleuse pour moi.
Je l'aime et l'admire depuis tellement d'années, alors pour changer de mes vidéos sur les 1D, voici une petite vidéo qui j'espère reflète
Сиськи запели... Автор песни - Аврил Лавин)
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Me.(VampirBells): Robert Pattinson and Penn Badgley
Brenda (Luckybj95Bakupacount) : Ian Somerhalder and Ed Westwick

7 Reasons everyone is falling in love with The K2
THANK YOU for your watching
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This is a video I made of my favourite actress Jennifer Aniston. Enjoy!:)

Song: I love you - Avril Lavigne
Лучший информационный ресурс о Ким Убине ☞
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Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Might have over done it, but oh well

Song: Bones - Rest In Peace

Anime: Naruto Shippuden
This is for everyone in love and for everyone looking for love. None of us should have to wait until we're 85.
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I ship these two so freaking hard you don't even understand. And I heard Ansel is single now, so if I can't have him I hope Shai gets him bc they're literally otp ~ Plus The Fault In Our Stars is currently my favorite book AND movie. John Green is such an incredible, brilliant man and his work is truly amazing. I can't wait to see what he comes up with in the future.

Hope you all enjoy!
Ksenia-Neel - Love of my life. I won't give up on you... If the intention of our love is true within our hearts & souls then there is no good enough reason to give up & quit in love or in life.
Please, watch in 720p HD!

This is Christmas video!

So Merry Christmas everyone!:)

This is another wonderful video that I also consider it a relic. Engelbert sings with one of his backing vocals, Christina Nicholls, Love is the Reason, one fantastic interpretation.
I wish you all like the same way I love this video.
With admiration for all fans.
Franci. ♥ ♥ ♥<br/><br/>1993
sorry but I always miss vidding these two...probs cz their my OTP but yeah I kept out all the angst cz me no likey...just went back to cute, fluffy, adorable Conabby with this vid =]
I have a major love for Avril Lavigne, as I've listened to her new album Goodbye Lullaby, non-stop for about a month now :D nope I aint even tired of it yet, I love all the songs on it :D

Anyways...only 25 days,