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Louis CK #2

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Louis' Newest Comedy Special

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February 24, 2011: Louis CK on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show continuing the discussion of how our attitudes as consumers are devaluing our lives and culture.

This part he talks about business rivalry (specifically VHS vs. BetaMax and Microsoft vs. Apple), local business philosophy versus that of large corporations, and the changing attitudes of the American consumer with regards to privacy and individuality.

Part Three continues here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnZCFnuZIcs <br/><br/>
This is a clip of my new hour standup special "Louis CK: CHewed Up" which will premiere on SHOWTIME on October 4th, at 11pm.
Please note that folks coming to see me on my current tour, "Louis CK: Hilaroius" will see different material than is on this special.


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17 минут материала, не вошедшего в оригинальную версию выступления One Night Stand 2005 года

Louis CK stand up comedian

Louis CK in his stand up special Chewed Up, on Showtime.
Joan Rivers is irresistible... to Louis CK... in certain circumstances that follow profound monologues on the fundamental nature of comedians... well it happened once, at least, in this clip from season two of Louie. Just remember that nobody likes necrophiliacs.

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Audio of Louis CK stand-up scenes from season 2.
Выступление Луи в рамках «Comedy Half Hour» на Comedy Central (1996 год)
Comedian Louis CK watches 2 girls 1 cup on The Opie and Anthony Show