Loop sessions down under. Взбодрись ! vk.com/kitevideo смотреть онлайн

Loop sessions down under. Взбодрись ! vk.com/kitevideo

Hi every one, my time here in safety bay is sadly coming to an end but I’ve had just enough time away from kiting to be able to produce another video from this brilliant location. The brief I gave myself for this video was to be able to show how good the 2012 7m C4 is. I have had many sessions on the 7m here riding the powerful sea breeze, which can frequently get up to 30 knot’s and I wanted to show just how much fun the 7m C4 can be in these winds, with its superb depower and fantastic stability it’s the perfect kite for a high wind session. Featured in this video is newly announced German ozone rider Felix Stelter and the young local machine that is 17 yr old Jayden Bosveld. for more information go to www.flyozone.com Credits: www.flyozone.com facebook.com/AshGarwood Luca Guidori Shot using canon 600D in mode 720p at 50 fps. I hope you enjoy the film, please share it with your friends. Thanks for watching!