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Looking For An Answer

Sometimes we think, that we are asking a question, on closer inspection however, it turns out that we are only looking for our own idea to be confi...
1. Nacer. Consumir. Morir 00:00
2. Campo De Exterminio 00:22
3. Guerra Total 02:46
4. Tapias De Cementerio 03:50
5. La Peste Roja 05:58
6. Revelacion 07:47
7. Ecoterror 09:19
8. No Compasion 11:47
9. Plaga Humana 12:52
10. Terror Carnivoro 15:19
11. Christianislam 17:57
12. Supremacia Etica 20:03
13. Cheerleaders Para El Armegedon 21:50
14. Running Through The Blood (Fear Of God Cover) 23:58
15. Esclavos 24:48
16. Estandarte De Huesos 27:04
17. Holocausto Diar
Video from the spanish band Looking for an answer
Shot at Estraperlo in Badalona the 17 january 2009.
Songs is "La Matanza"

Other LFAA and grind video on my Chanel

Looking For An Answer, Barcelona, 24/09/2011

Looking For An Answer :

Video : http://www.filterkikmedia.com
please watch it in 720p, if it's possible :)

The music is so about Elijah, and that he tries to find answers why those things happened in his ( his family's life) and of course this whole hibryd thing, and that he MIGHT being in love with Elena...
I love this character so much, that I can't put in words. :D

I know, I'm a bit crazy, because who could do a video like this, if not me? :D
Sometimes I feel like that these videos (like my Delena - almost lover video)
sravnenie jizni v Azerbaycane i v Evrope. p.s: nekotoriye fotografii ochen starie, vzatie iz proshlogo, no prodoljayut vso taki bit chastichkoy nastoyashego.
“La Matanza” promo clip (Shot at Estraperlo Club, Badalona January 17th 2009)
OBSCENE EXTREME FEST 14/7/12 Trutnov Czech Republic
Shot at Estraperlo in Badalona the 17 january 2009.
Songs are "Marcha hacia la extincion" and "Extincion" from Extincion LP.

Other LFAA and grind video on my Chanel

Looking For An Answer - Obscene extreme 2005
01. Extinción
02. La Matanza
03. Los Humanos Tambien Son Carne
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Play Fast or Don't Fest 2008