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Lonnie Pitchford

Lonnie Pitchford playing his one string guitar and building a diddley bow

from "the land where the blues began" by Alan Lomax


Lonnie Pitchford performs a tune on his one-string electric guitar at his home in Lexington, Mississippi. Shot by Alan Lomax, John Bishop, and Worth Long, August 1978. For more information about the American Patchwork filmwork, Alan Lomax, and his collections, visit http://culturalequity.org. [02.20.06]

Moonshadow Saloon, Atlanta.
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This is an excerpt of some footage Nana Kimati Dinizulu shot while he was conducting some research in Mississippi.. The late Lonnie Pitchford can be seen and heard here playing the diddley bow, a one string instrument of African origin. This video was shot by Folklorist Cheryl Johnson who introduced me to Lonnie Pitchford a few years before his passing which occurred in 1998.