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London Timelapse Montage

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I usually make stopmotion videos, but thought I would take a break and make a one-off timelapse video. Here it is.

All the footage was taken over a three week period in November 2011, except for the first two daytime scenes at the beginning which were taken near the end of October 2011, and the rotation scene at Oxford Circus halfway through the video which was taken as part of another project earlier in the year for Minimood Records.

Timelapse sequence shot across London between December 2011 - March 2012.
I wanted this video to capture just how vibrant London can be after dark. For anyone who has been to this city, hopefully you will see some sights in a new light, and for anyone who is yet to visit- this what you are missing.

This is my first attempt at putting together a reel. Up until December 2011 I didn't own a DSLR, and thought an F-stop was something to do with trains... Hopefully you can see the progression from an am
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