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Lola Hoop

Лучшие эротические видео и фото в нашей группе.
Наши проекты:
1] Голые знаменитости 18+
2] Эротика 18+
by Mr. Tit Boob
Hoopdance: Lola Hoop
Camera: Robbie van Brussel
Editing: Lola Hoop
Music by DJ Pitto; "Finding" from the album:
"Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"

(Shots were taken for a video clip: "Wiki Wacky"
by the band "Fata Morgana el Moustache. The shots were so nice, so I made a new edit out of it.)

Some pole dance practice in the cold cold below-10-degree weather during my stay in India.
managed some chinese pole climbs.
Brought my 50mm travel pole with me
Missing my thin 42mm Vivapole i use in Malaysia though!

After over a week of disappointment over the promised rigging point for my hoop, i said "screw it" i'll find my own place to practice.
Sure enough, i found ......wuahahaha!