Lola Hoop: Lola Hoop (2012), Lola Hoop-, Lola Hoop Boobs, Lola Hoop - Forest Hooping, Emily "Lola" on Pole & Aerial Hoop

Lola Hoop

L’été arrive, enfin on l’espère du plus profond de notre coeur, tout comme Lola Viande qui dompte le soleil avec son Hula Hoop. Perchée sur les toits de Paris, elle s'entraîne durement pour que l’amour nous submerge d’une délicieuse vague de douceur.

Summer's here. At least we hope it is, and so does Lola Viande, who's taming the sun with her Hula Hoop. Standing on the rooftops of Paris, she works hard to let love flow and overwhelm us with softness.

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Réalisation : Pierre Lapin & Guilhem Malissen
Musique : Renart - Au Matin, La Mort De L'Astre (
Лучшие эротические видео и фото в нашей группе.
Наши проекты:
1] Голые знаменитости 18+
2] Эротика 18+
by Mr. Tit Boob
Hoopdance: Lola Hoop
Camera: Robbie van Brussel
Editing: Lola Hoop
Music by DJ Pitto; "Finding" from the album:
"Objects In A Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"

(Shots were taken for a video clip: "Wiki Wacky"
by the band "Fata Morgana el Moustache. The shots were so nice, so I made a new edit out of it.)

Some pole dance practice in the cold cold below-10-degree weather during my stay in India.
managed some chinese pole climbs.
Brought my 50mm travel pole with me
Missing my thin 42mm Vivapole i use in Malaysia though!

After over a week of disappointment over the promised rigging point for my hoop, i said "screw it" i'll find my own place to practice.
Sure enough, i found ......wuahahaha!