Live to Fly ( Spitfire ) - CommandSpry смотреть онлайн

Live to Fly ( Spitfire ) - CommandSpry

Fly to Live, Aces High! :D

Excuse me while I shamelessly rip off Iron Maiden.

Video editing software, why are you an asshole to me :(

The quality was seriously destroyed, but eh, what can I do :)

I'd really like to hear to this on electric guitars, I think it suits it perfectly, but I can't play. Someone plz teach me :D

Something very fast from me, and crappy, and cheesy, I honestly didn't want to upload this one, but, what the hell...I promies I'll make no more like this though. Promise :)

See, Spitfire can have fitting electronic music...I mean it's fitting right? Right..? :)
I think it's too cheesy, and I'd really prefer to hear this with electric guitars anyway.

Hopefully, it will still be enjoyable for someone. If you want to hear it in good quality, check the mp3 out.

Credits given where credit's due:

Original art by windbird404: