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Little Boat

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Нельсон Боулз / Nelson Boles
my new film. enjoy! VIMEO FEST 2011 Finalist! SXSW 2012 Official Selection Animation Category Walter and Gracie Lantz Animation Prize PISAF 2011 Yahoo Korea Prize Aniwow! 2011 Animayo 2012 Special Jury Mention
A beautifully crafted short film about the journey of a little boat finding struggles, hardship and acts of humanity and kindness.

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Little Boat - (2011) Animation
Produced at CalArts | California Institute of the Arts (

Created, Directed and Animated by Nelson Boles

-- Awarded PISAF 2011 Yahoo Korea Prize, Fall 2011 ONECLOUDFEST FAV award in animation.
-- SXSW 2012 Official Selection Animation Cate
Little Boat by nelson boles

The journey of this little boat is such an inspiring metaphor for remaining unattached to what happens to us in life — good or bad. Life IS change. Observe, experience, and keep going. Enjoy watching the story of this mindful little boat.

“Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition.” ― James Baldwin

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I found this tune while flicking through my real book... and I liked it... . It was written in 1963 by Roberto Menescal/Ronaldo Boscoli and Buddy Kaye. Sorry for not posting for so long but I have been through some personal upheavals recently. Sometimes recording these videos has to take a back seat... but I am still playing every day and playing out twice a week. Thanks for all the kind words during my short absence. Backing track from the Real Book Playalongs (Hal Leonard.. now on spotify so no excuse)
I figured I'd show a little live action video of the lamination process. There are a lot of style lines to work with in this section, so its slow going right here.. Hey, thanks for watching, and more videos coming soon.

A lyric video I made to Laura Zocca's beautiful original song, 'Little Boats'...

Мультфильмы про Пеппу отличный материал для учителей английского в детских садах и на дошкольных подготовительных курсах, а также для родителей, занимающихся со своими малышами самостоятельно… Забавная хрюшка – толстушка и хохотушка со смешным именем Пеппа, и ее столь же жизнерадостное, и столь же упитанное хрюкающее семейство, покорили множество детских умов и сердец во всем мире. Небольшие комичные зарисовки из жизни свинок, во многом напоминают ситуации, возникающие в типичных английских (и не только) семьях среднего класса. Простые незатейливые истории, доступные для понимания даже самыми маленьким зрителям, излучают столько юмора и оптимизма, что находят своих почитателей и среди взрослой аудитории. Лексика предельно простая, доступная для понимания даже на самых ранних этапах изучения языка. Речь отчетливая, фразы короткие, без сложных грамматических конструкций.
В джазе только девушки =)
Uploading with Chinese and revised English subtitles in memory of my dear elder aunt and uncle. 以此梦之旅合唱组合深情演唱的经典名曲缅怀我亲爱的大姨和大姨父。Berühmtes Kinderlied und buddhistischer Gesang zugleich.

Видео с концерта в JFC jazz club
It's about impotence caused by disgust. Possibly the best track from The Boatman's Call. This was on the B-side of Into My Arms; not on the original release of the album. God bless Nick Cave for this.

I once was in that black haired army and subscribed to a Nick Cave listserv called goodson. If any of you bastards are from there, say hello.
Time lapse of a growing giant pumpkin that is also entered in a pumpkin boat regatta and wins!
The following year's video -
Clips from the Roman Polanski film Knife in the Water set to the music of Nick Cave.
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A short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap. Featuring music from Bahamas, Acres & Acres and Ben Howard!

Director & Cinematographer: Kevin A Fraser
Featuring & Additional Photography: David Welsford
Editor: Shawn Beckwith
A poem, by Amy Iacono, brought to life through the magic of stop animation by Emily Iacono. A story of a little boy and his boat, who sails off in his imagination to far off lands.
But, the sky is full of dark clouds and the voyage on the rough seas is dangerous. Travel with Azure and see where his journey takes him...

Written by Amy Iacono
Shot & Edited by Emily Iacono
Original Music by Matt Thompson

This is a normal ride in after a mornings successful duck hunt. Always gotta have a little fun. The Mud Buddy and Excel Boat is definitely the toughest most versatile boat and motor combination available.

A poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. My Mom used to sing this song to us as a lullaby. Now I sing it to my kids.

My bed is like a little boat
Mom tucks me in when I embark
She girds me on my sailors's coat
and starts me in the dark

At night, I go on board and say
good night to all my friends on shore;
I shut my eyes and sail away
And see and hear no more

sometimes with me to bed I take
As prudent sailors often do
Perhaps a slice of wedding cake
Perhaps a toy
This young lady showed heroism, she uses an awesome technique to stop a canoe from sinking

Little Girl Shows You How To Save a Sinking Boat
Quick thinking Girl saves flooded canoe Using Only her Legs

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“Little preview of our boat day music video;) @coralizmusic @thesorensen #GoPro stay tuned!...”

little boat little boat
i cant keep us afloat
im sorry how it seems to be that the pain received the only thing you'll ever see from me
little faith little faith
keep me narrow keep me straight
if i change my name and mend my way if only just to see you face again
woe is me right now
all i see right now i sleep i dream of you right now

little boat little boat
its a shame you'd be alone
if its only my consent you seek
feel free to mind a friend to kee
Meet kids song - Row Row Row Your Boat Plus Lots More Nursery Rhymes for children! Nursery Rhymes From Little Baby Doll Songs!

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Meet Row Row Row Your Boat Song - Popular Nursery Rhymes for Children - Kids Songs by Little Baby Star on the screen!

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TEST Launching a 27' Bayliner cabin cruiser into lake. Boat is 7500 lbs trailer is 2500 lbs total 10,000 lbs. First test launch, (just floated off trailer and pulled back out) launched many times since. Only moved from storage to ramp, about 1/4 mile. Brought it back home at end of season with one ton truck.

Automaton commission for a birthday.
Mechanical sculpture that move when the handle is turn.
In wood and metal

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Little Elephant
"Little Boat" is a beautiful Bossa Nova that appears on my Latest CD "Invitation" On Daywood Drive Records. It was written in 1963 by Roberto Menescal/Ronaldo Boscoli and Buddy Kaye. Recorded December 27th 2012 in St James NY.. with aclaimed international Italian singer and entertainer Giada Valenti..
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Little girl saves a sinking little boat / Девочка спасает тонущую лодку
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Little paper boat race on wool (unfinished).
© Copyright 2010

Sunday afternoon run on the Little Chena River in the Fairbanks Alaska area. Hoppin Logs with the all plastic DragonFly mini jet boat

You can find this
Assemble your own DTRC Mini Little Pepper RC Brushless Boat with the DIY kit will be much more interesting and rewarding !
The RC Boat KIT with Brushless 2040KV3100, ESC 30A, servo and all parts.... us just need add Battery, Transmitter, Receiver, is can build one RC Racing Boat for yourself
Amazing stripped-back, acoustic, drumless birthday house gig!

Sadly, having positioned the video camera several hours in advance, only after the event did I realize Josh is completely missing from all of the footage, with just the occasional glimpse of the head of his bass. Sorry, Josh! :(
Блог о воспитании Билингвы
Вокруг Зеленого Острова
Karrin Sings the title tune Live At Montreux - Jazz Festival 2003
Excerpts from my new film (this one is real) Music: "Little Boat" by Cleo Laine

Four of our grand children couldn't wait to get the boat in the water and had to try it in the driveway. Please excuse the shot of the motor. More to come on it later. Thanks for watching.

Meet Row Row Row Your Boat + More Kids Songs Collection right now! Enjoy Nursery Rhymes for Babies by Little Baby Songs every day!

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My Little Pony fans, today I show you how to draw Pinkie Pie Swan boat with 3D pen!

Music: Ahrix - Nova [NCS Release]
GTA V Videos Playlist:

A little boat trip.
You can find the pickup with the trailer and the boat driving around the highways. Steal that one, and reverse the trailer to the sea/lake/river and the boat should come off. Then you can just park the truck and climb onto the boat and drive away.

If you would like to see more of my paintings, please visit my web page
and my video store
To sign for classes www:AlbertaArtsAcademy/­ml
Photo credit to Irina Nedjalkova
Thank you for watching.

More information can be obtained from
Royal Netherlands Marines aboard a Fast Riding Interceptor Special Craft (FRISC) conduct a live fire training exercise from sea to shore.

The Korps Mariniers is a unit of the amphibious Koninklijke Marine (Navy of the Netherlands). It has its command in Doorn. It has a very high reactivity which allows it to use readiness to be in any theater of operations within 48 hours of the call. The department has a collaborative relationship with British counterparts in the Royal Marines.

Video also include footage
Brilliant song By The Master Bluesman
Little kid is the Captain of his mini boat and he is afloat in his backyard pool.
Enjoy Row Row Row Your Boat Song and Nursery Rhymes for kids! Original Song By Little Baby Doll!

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Art Painting Workshop - Watercolor Painting Demo : Little Boat on the Sea
Row Row Row Your Boat original kids songs! Enjoy Nursery rhymes for little babies collection on your screen!

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Little Bit In Me from the album 'Teenage Blood' out now UK/US:

All masks, filming, direction & video by Ceri Amphlett filmed on cinefilm in Kentish woodland.

SA Top20 1969: This song reached number 14 on the South African Top20, charting for 3 weeks.

A 1968 release for The Spectrum. This group was active between 1965-1970 releasing 10 singles. This single was arranged by Tony Osbourne (Born June 1922 near Cambridge, England) and produced by his son, Gary Osbourne.

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair u

Маленький Человек Паук На Кораблике бьёт мошной струёй не по язычкам пламени а по обезьянам которые спрятались в зарослях джунглей, их найти крайне сложно потому что Обезьянки хозяева этих джунглей. Нас предупредили чтобы мы были осторожны потому чтоб обезьянки могут швырнуть в вас бананом, к счастью не одна обезьянка не посмела бросить в нас банану потому что с нами был Грозных Маленький Халк и конечно Маленький Человек Паук с которым шутки плохи. Сегодня как мы уже сказали Маленький Человек Паук На Корабл
Today on Surprise Egg and Toy Collector we take a look at the brand new My Little Pony Explore Equestria Poseable Pinkie Pie and Swan Boat.
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Product Description:
Have fun with Pinkie Pie and her awesome Swan Boat with this My Little Pony Explore Equestria Pinkie Pie Row & Ride Swan Boat set! Pinkie Pie is poseable for rowing action. As the Swan Boat rolls, the music
Intellidance® is a unique series of creative dance programs created by Jessica Baudin-Griffin to foster critical development in early childhood. R...
Explore Equestria with the new Pinkie Pie Swan Boat that plays music as you go! For more My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

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Karrin Allyson; multilingual, dynamic, elegant, heavenly voice, and much more along with Danny Embrey, guitar. John Goldsby, bass. Frank Chastenier, piano. Gregg Field, drums.
SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake
Мой маленький пони Пинки Пай на лебеде обзор на игрушку My Little Pony Pinlie Pie Row & Ride swan boat

Выбирайте, обзор на какую игрушку сделать в следующем видео:
1. Сахарный Уголок
2. Сансет Шиммер
3. Фотофиниш
4. Рэйнбоу Дэш
5. Плэй До пони пластилин

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Amazing fight in the night with a monster catfish over 260 pound (100 kgs) from little boat on River Po in Italy. The Famous Italian Fisherman Yuri Grisendi and the French Philippe Careme caught huge 2.50 meters (8.20 FEET) wels catfish.
My Little Pony Pinkie Pie can really row her pink swan row boat in pretend water, just push and wow she moves! The boat even plays sweet music too! Who wants to go for a ride?! Twlight Sparkle? Littlest Pet Shop can ride along too!

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SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake
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SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake
SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake
SeaSki high-speed boat design leaves little in its wake
A short documentary about David Welsford, who has given up the luxuries of land in search for happiness and adventure on a 50 year old wooden boat he restored from a scrap heap. Featuring music from Bahamas, Acres & Acres and Ben Howard! Director & Cinematographer: Kevin A Fraser Featuring & Additional Photography: David Welsford Editor: Shawn Beckwith Colorist: Chris MacIntosh Post Audio: Craig Sperry Producers: Ke
Little Bear And The Ice Boat - Little Bear helps Grandfather Bear celebrate his birthday by building an ice boat. They ride the boat across a frozen lake and Grandfather Bear thanks Little Bear for his best birthday ever.

Baby Deer - Little Bear takes home a wounded baby deer. But breaks and eats things in the house because its used to living wild in the woods. Soon Little Bear comes to accept that his new friend will be happier back in the woods with his own family.

Invisible Little Bear - When Little B
From the album "Woman Talk"

More info here:

Justin plays his debut performance in front of a crowd at LDP 2010. He picked and mixed all the tracks himself... Yes, he's only 9. June 23, 2010
Музыка: GLIMSY
Камера: Вахрушев Матвей, Морозова Илона
Монтаж: Морозова Илона
Album: 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC

01 - Intro
02 - HEY! (Don't Bring Me Down)
03 - Wicked Woman (Are You A Good Girl)
04 - Rising Sun
05 - Talk
06 - Hug (Rock Version)
07 - Wrong Number
08 - Purple Line
09 - Balloons (Bossanova Remix)
10 - Chang Min Solo Intro
11 - Little White Boat (Chang Min Solo)
12 - Love In The Ice
13 - Don't Say Goodbye
14 - Insa
15 - Mirotic Intro
16 - Mirotic
17 - The Way U Are Intro
18 - The Way U Are (Remix)
19 - Somebody To Love
20 - Crazy Love
21 - Song For You
22 - Tonight
23 - Ending Talk

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My dad's boat. Oakville to Port Credit in just a few minutes. What a ride. What a sound.
Little Red Lung performs "Get on the Boat" live at pehrspace in Los Angeles, CA on August 26, 2011.


get ready for the new Noah's arch Movie
which got cut due to Danny's Dancing

Behind the scenes of shooting "Little Boat" with Photojojo's Camera Table Dolly.

Great latin tune by Ronaldo Boscoli.
Near guitarist - Sergey Mityaev, back guitarist - Mihail Karev, accordion - Dmitriy Karev, bass - Ivan Karev.

Отличная латинская песенка Рональдо Босколи.
Ближний гитарист - Сергей Митяев, дальний - Михаил Карев, аккордеон - Дмитрий Карев, бас - Иван Карев.
Welcome to our attempt at getting a high score in "Shark Boat Survival"!

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Little boat. 8" x 11"

A watercolour painting of a little boat on the shoreline.

Top Peppa Pig English Episodes - The Little Boat - The Sandpit

The Little Boat: Daddy Pig is left behind when everyone takes Grampy Rabbit's boat to the riverside picnic spot.
The Sandpit: eppa and her friends are busy building a desert island in a sandpit. They are all very proud of it, with its forest, lake, houses, and shops.

Top Peppa Pig English Episodes - Captain Daddy Dog - Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park

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Three little boats by Arany Zoltán
(Traditional Manx dance tune)

Ellan Vannin by Arany Zoltán from the album 'Celtica'

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