Little Bells: Little Mix Ft. Jason Derulo - 'Secret Love Song' (Live at The Jingle Bell Ball 2015), Norah Jones & Belle & Sebastian - Little Lou, Ugly

Little Bells

Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John"
(feat. Norah Jones)

What a waste, I could've been your lover
What a waste, I could've been your friend
Perfect love is like a blossom that fades so quick
When it's blowing up a storm in May

Travel south until your skin turns warmer
Travel south until your skin turns brown
Put a language in your head and get on a train
And then come back to the one you love

Yeah you're great, you're just part of this lifetime of dreaming
That extends to the heart of this long summer feeling

Quiet night, you see the tv's glowing
Quiet night, you hear the walls are awake
Being you I'm getting out of a party crowd
Can I see what's underneath your bed?

Can I stay until the milkman's working?
Can I stay until the café awakes?

Do you hate me in the light?
Did you get a fright?
When you looked across from where you lay<br/><br/>
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Little Mix chat to Max backstage at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2013, with Coca-Cola.

Little Mix DNA live at jingle bell ball 2012
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Mihael Paar Playing his Arrangement of Jingle Bells for Clarinet Solo. With the title "Little Christmas Fantasy", this piece is set to showcase the wide range of performing techniques, each of which leaves its distinctive mark on the tune. Written, recorded and produced in late 2011. Copyright © Mihael Paar

"Christmas magic made by a
Russian song from the concert in Moscow 1980. You can download the whole concert from here:
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Little Mix ft. Nathan Sykes - 'Secret Love Song' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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Little Mix performs 'Wings' Live at the Jingle Bell Ball 2015


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Little Mix perform a HUGE version of 'Black Magic' for the Sunday show of Capital's Jingle Bell Ball 2015!


Jingle Jingle Little Bell | + LOTS of Super Fun Songs for Kids.

We design songs for children with emerging language skills (toddlers, preschooler...
The Christmas Season is here. Here comes the very special Christmas Bus in a special colorful Christmas theme with Jingle Bells tune too .This sp...
The original title: АЛЕКСАНДР БАШЛАЧЕВ - Время колокольчиков

A clip from Alexander Bashlachev's private concert in 1986.
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Little Mix perform Shout Out To My Ex at Capital FM's Jingle Bell Ball.

As featured on Glory Days, listen on Spotify

Little Mix performs 'Salute' live for Capital's Jingle Bell Ball.


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Little Mix - 'Salute' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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The Bells
Fly Little White Dove
Canadian Rock Band

Maybe it is 'Monotonously Rings the Little Bell.' I think in Russian it is 'Adnazvutshno Gremit Kalakoltshik.' Singer is Vladimir Albatayev, born ...

Little Mix perform 'Black Magic' live for Capital's Jingle Bell Ball.


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A score of this arrangement is available to download here:

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Gina Beck, (Wicked's new Glinda) and ENO's Scott Davies recording "O Little Town of Bethlehem (Ring out those Bells)" at Soho Recording Studios. Having sung opposite each other on many occasions as Christine and the Phantom, in the West End's "Phantom of the Opera" they are reunited again in t

Dmitry's Electronic Orchestra. Remix of russian romance music "Monotonously Rings the Little Bell". Однозвучно гремит колокольчик. Original music author Alexander Gurilyov. Автор оригинальной музыки Александр Гурилёв.

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Video "For Whom Sweetie Belle Toils"
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Regina Belle - Try a Little Tenderness
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Little Mix chat to Rich and Kat backstage at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2013, with Coca-Cola.

'Move' stars Little Mix answer their ball buster question ahead of the Jingle Bell Ball 2013, with Coca-Cola. Get it wrong and they're off the line-up!
Anime: Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live
Characters: Ayase Naru and Renjouji Bell
My Song: 「Little Wing & Beautiful Pride」
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Little Mix - 'Black Magic' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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5 декабря «Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball», Лондон, Великобритания.
Estrellita is a song composed in 1912 by the great Mexican composer, Manuel M. Ponce. He neglected to copyright his work and the song became worldwide famous

Estrellita es una canción compuesta en 1912 por el compositor mexicano Manuel M. Ponce. El compositor no registró a su nombre la canción por descuido, convirtiéndose en una canción de fama mundial inmediatamente.

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Little Mix - 'Hair' (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2016)


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This is not Official.. its made by me! i hope you guys like it!!
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By way of a 1961 Ford Galaxy, it's Drake Bell - Garage Sessions: "Wake Up Little Susie" feat. Andy Alt on guitar

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Everyone's favorite Little Town song ft. Katie Peslis as Belle, and me as...everyone else. This was the craziest editing I've ever done, which more characters than I've ever done, lol it was a monster to make! But super proud of it, hope y'all like it!

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Belle's Song "Little Town" :
Little town, it's a quiet village
Every day like the one before
Little town, full of little people
Waking up to say......
Dark Brony - Тьма на любой вкус
Capital Fm's Jingle Bell Ball 8.12.12 at London O2 Arena