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Linkin Park - Points Of Authority

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Our cover of "Points of authority" by Linkin Park.


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3 песня Linkin Park концерта в Москве 2015
Песня Points Of Authority с концерта группы Linkin Park в Москве от 29 августа 2015 года.
I was boerd so I made this video ...
don´t expect to much ...

hope you like it ...

ПРОСТО РОК,Одесса,2012
01 Linkin Park - Point of Authority @ Pukkelpop 20-08-2015

THE HUNTING PARTY - out now - Get it on iTunes:
бонусный трек к концертному альбому Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes
Extra song from the Road To Revolution DVD

*I ripped and uploaded those videos, if you see them somewhere else with my tag they stole it from me*

Linkin Park - Points of Authority - Road to Revolution [HD]_(720p)

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Points of Authority - Originally Performed by Linkin Park.
Taken from the album “Hybrid Theory”

This is a djent / metalcore cover.
Live at Los Angeles, CA, USA 2001

Перевод #6

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звук прыгает потому, что в концертном драйве забываешь с какой стороны на фотоаппарате находится микрофон, и держишь его так, чтобы было удобно и никого не задеть))
8-22-12 Cincinnati, OH!
1st LP concert so I was definitely enjoying it! Fingers got in the way a couple times but the sound came out great for an iPhone 4S recording.

Linkin Park Live in Dallas Texas August 27 2012 at Gexa Energy Pavilion. Honda Civic Tour with Incubus and Mute Math. Shot with Sony DSC-HX20V.<br/><br/>
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Date: 2015-07-26
Venue: Beijing Workers' Stadium
Выступление Linkin Park в качестве хедлайнеров 7 июня на фесте Rock Am Ring.
Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (Bridge TV)
Альбом: Hybrid Theory
Не реально круто!

The title says it all: Linkin Park performing "Points of Authority" during their special LPU show.

Get me on a track and I'm cracking
Packing up a backpack full of tracks on some CDs
Be me, fuck that and not like me
To bite me you need to be you times ninety
I got schemes and a team so hyped we
Get on a scene make a scene on the nightly
Say what I mean, whether mean or politely
Living the dream in some clean white Nike's
Or DC's, I'm not giving a shit
Fuck the words that you heard and the lips that they hang from
I stay banging to bang, bang drums and hanging you lames
And the same no names gangs you came from
I don’t got an excuse, just talking the truth
I'm fucking awesome when I'm rocking the booth
And I stay ready with hot bloc rocking abuse
Y'all are really not stopping us dude
Linkin Park 2014 в Москве СК "Олимпийский"

Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Автор : Витёк
От автора:Многова не ждите я с прогой знаком всего несколько дней.
Awesome Linkin Park song from their new upcoming album plus "Points of Authority" at Pinkpop 2012 (27-05-2012)

Linkin Park - Санкт-Петербург, Стадион Петровский 1.06.2014
МСА ст. Петровский
Manchester MEN 27/1/08. This was funny, Mike must have been distracted by sombody in the crowd because he messes up his lyrics. Good recovery though.<br/><br/>
Linkin Park - The Hunting Party Tour
Live in Moscow 29.08.15
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Linkin Park - Points of Authority (Dual Drum Cover by Mark Mironov & Vlad Pleshakov)

Performed at Mironov Show | Saint-Peterburg 28.09.2015

Mark Mironov
Vlad Pleshakov
Уроки игры на электрогитаре
Anime : One Piece
Song : Linkin Park - Points of Authority

Enjoy and subscripe ;p

Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (Second Version) off the album Hybrid Theory (2001) Official Video with live footage.All Rights to WMG.Enjoy
Много не снимал,потому что сам отрывался.....
27.08.2015 Minsk, Belarus
The Hunting Party Tour
, linkin park points of authority,