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Lindsey Stirling — Zelda Medley
A Zelda Violin Medley arranged by Lindsey Strling
Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling.
Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling
Она прекрасна :3
Победительница шоу "America's got talent".
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Lindsey Stirling performs a Legend of Zelda Medley (Legend of Zelda is a game) in a Live concert at the Warfield in San Francisco.

Lindsey Stirling is the "Dancing Violinist" and there can be an element of electronic dance music and EDM in her music.
I went to see Lindsey Stirling in concert at The Crofoot in Pontiac, MI. The show was incredible! Here she is performing her "Zelda Medley". Yay for gaming music!
Sorry the audio isn't the greatest, I was right under the speaker. :/
All music is property of Lindsey Stirling.<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling playing her Zelda Medley LIVE at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on Feb 16, 2013
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All you gamers out there, I'm looking for someone to compose the backtrack to this song!
Please pass this along to someone who might be interested!
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This song was arranged by Lindsey Stirling and is based off the Nintendo game Zelda.
The original composer is Koji Kondo.
Aloha! Here's a cover of "Zelda Medley" arranged by Lindsey Stirling. I performed this at the Kapa'a art walk on Saturday August 2nd, 2014. It's all the themes from the Zelda video game, and I love it! I hope you like too! :D

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Good-freaking-gravy this video is finished! Friends, this is my 2nd of 3 big piano video releases this month: my piano duet arrangement of Lindsey Stirling's "Zelda Medley"

Piano-Only Version:

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Whoo! This video is finally finished! It took AGES to get the recording I wanted to use. Not to mention the hours of
Видео с концерта в Москве 22.05.13
Lindsey Stirling live at the House of Blues in New Orleans playing the Zelda Medley<br/><br/>
Live Lindsey Stirling Rockhal, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg 12-06-2013<br/><br/>
3/13/13 at the 20th Century Theater in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I love Lindsey so much!
Sorry about the bad quality, I recorded with my iPhone and there were seven feet tall giants in front of me half of the time.
Also, the memory in my phone overloaded and didn't record the whole thing.
Heres a special video I took for all the gamers out there who dont know Lindsey Stirling!
I went to her concert in Cleveland, Ohio and it was a blast!<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling live Zelda Medley performance in Wilmington North Carolina.

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Lindsey Channel<br/><br/>
@ The Warfield in San Francisco

Concert Playlist:<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling
Moscow / Crocus City Hall
Lindsey's new addition to the tour 'Zelda Medley' in New Haven, CT at Toad's place

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Filmed on 6/2/14. Copyrights belong to Lindsey Stirling.
Lindsey Stirling playing her famous Zelda medley live at the House of Blues in Houston on 2/27/13.

Lindsey Stirling was at Austin Academy in Garland,Texas playing Zelda Medley. Please suscribe,like,and comment!!!! ENJOY!<br/><br/>

♬ Lindsey Stirling ♬ Amazing Violin ♬<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling Live in Hamburg, Germany playing Shadows, a Michael Jackson Medley, a Zelda Medley and My Immortal. 18.06.2013

"Zelda Medley" performed live in concert by Lindsey Stirling, on Thursday 7 February 2013, at Royale Boston, in Boston, MA.<br/><br/>
Purchase the sheet music here (for Violin, Viola, Cello, or Piano):

Lindsey Stirling performs her arrangement of Zelda Medley during her 2nd show here in the Philippines last August 18, 2013.

I apologize for the cut around the 00:59 mark. My camera decided it was better to check if the lens cap was removed. :|<br/><br/>
Снимал на смартфон, качество соответствующее. Но атмосферу почувствовать все-равно можно!
Не до конца т.к. села батарея на фотике.
Another progress check to see how much I've improved since I started learning 3 years ago, as an adult starter. This is the song that started it all! I really wanted to be able to play this one day...

This is a collection of themes from a Nintendo game series, "Legend of Zelda" - as arranged by Lindsey Stirling. Please go check out her channel and subscribe!


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A video showing Lindsey Stirling performing her Zelda Medley piece for the first time on stage! This was at this years E3 Video Games Live performance!<br/><br/>
So, I saw these two filming in downtown Salt Lake and went to meet them and turns out they are youtube content providers too. Devin showed me one of the videos they made together, "Zelda Medley" ( ) and it so happens that I'd already discovered their work months ago and was already a fan! They were kind enough to grant me an interview even though they were in a hurry to make it to another location for more filming before the sun went down. RIGHT ON!!! -DM