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Lindsey Stirling — Spontaneous Me

Derrano, Spontaneous Me Lindsey Stirling,
Линдси Стирлинг (род. 21 сен. 1986) американская скрипачка, сценический артист и композитор, а также танцор. В 2010 принимала участие в America’s Got Talent.
Красиво играет, да и сопровождение хорошее.
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Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling, США.
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Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012
01. Lindsey Stirling - Spontaneous Me
Lindsey Stirling - американская скрипачка, сценический артист и композитор, а также танцовщица. Участвовала во множестве соревнований и известна широким спектром исполняемых жанров, основными из которых являются кантри и хип-хоп (обычно нехарактерные для скрипки).
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The violonist is Lindsey Striling.Music Produced By Marko G. He can be reached at:brickhousela@gmail.comFilm made by Devin Graham.If you enjoy the music, the dance, the landscapes or whatsoever, you can help Lindsey to become the queen of the web. You can vote up to 10 times a day and all the money earned will go to a charity. Here's the link videos of the hip hop violonist are available here can also buy her songs herehtt
Abro mi canal con este vídeo que he echo con mi amigo Guille para el concurso que propuso la espectacular Lindsey Stirling.

Grabado en 1 solo día, y editado al día siguiente es el primer trabajo que hacemos juntos Guille y yo, y espero que no sea el ultimo.
También agradecer a las dos chicas que tan amablemente se ofrecieron a grabaros con sus cámaras.

Nuestra principal motivación no es el primer puesto, si no saber que la propia Lindsey a podido ver un trabajo que hemos echo nosotros mismo
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Концертная съемка выступления Lindsey Stirling которое проходило в Киеве 25.05.2013 в клубе "Зеленый театр" по улице парковая дорога 2.
Всем спасибо за просмотр, за то что пришли, ну а Линдси особая благодарность за весь тур!)
(Spontaneous Me)
Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012
Music by Lindsey Stirling<br/><br/>
Ноты и табулатуры доступны: Sheet music available on:
This is my attempt to cover my favorite Lindsey Stirling song (the shortened version from the music video). There may be some notes off cos I learned it just by ear so it's not 100% accurate. Hope you enjoy it!.<br/><br/>
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Myz: Lindsey Stirling -- Spontaneous Me
Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012. Such a great show!
I don't own anything, the music is all Lindsey's!

To see more, go to: She's got some really well done stuff!
Lindsey Stirling at The Plaza Live in Orlando on Feb 20, 2013.

The show was awesome.

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Recorded with a Sony DSC-TX20,

(If your interested, this was recorded in .mts converter to DVCPRO .mov files, still to big to upload, so in quicktime you can save convert to small size and this is the final product)<br/><br/>
European/Russian Tour, Russia
"Spontaneous Me"
Live In Moscow 22.05.2013, Pipl Club

Recorded by Nokia 808 PureView
This is my piano cover of Lindsey Stirling's "Spontaneous Me." Boy, did I have fun learning this one!

The piano-only version of my cover is here:

Here's the link to her original video:


Finally I did it =D. A very beautiful song,and sorry for the mistakes ^^
I haven't got a sheet,I worked it by ear. But you can buy it (the sheet)here :

Apologies for the lags. The video editor decided to act up on Lindsey's video.

Spontaneous Me by Lindsey Stirling

Spontaneous Iori
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DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement is intended.

Performed by me.

Download the midi file here.

There you can buy sheet music:

I went to see Lindsey Stirling in concert at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, MI. It was an incredible show! Here she is performing "Stars Align" and "Spontaneous Me".
Sorry the audio isn't the greatest, I was right under the speaker. :/
All music belongs to Lindsey Stirling.<br/><br/>
House of Blues: Cleveland, OH
Part 1/11 Stars Align (0:00) and Spontaneous Me (1:42)<br/><br/>
Hi everybody!

I think the title of the video explains everything! I planed this cover a long long time ago, but some technical problems and two brocken cymbals stopped me to make this cover.

About the video:

I like the music of Lindsey Stirling and decided to make a drum cover! It's something "special" and "magic" for me to play this songs.

Check out the video and tell me what you think about it and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE
Potato cam cuts sound when I zoom, SORRY.

Lindsey Stirling @ Webster Hall, 9/28/12
Filmed on my Deluxe Edition 62p Potato Cam 2012

Funny video of a technical difficulty during Spontaneous Me. Cheers were cheered, Happy birthday was sung, and overall good times were had.

Happy birthday @ 1:38
Spontaneous Me @ 2:54
Shadows @ 6:16

Check out Lindsey's site:

And her facebook page:
Pic and Music Belong to their Original Owners
this is a mashup of some good songs of Lindsey Stirling

a very talented and beautiful hip hop violinist and please check out here channel

here is her channel

Sheet Music:
My Other Lindsey Stirling Covers:<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling performs Spontaneous Me and Shadows (my favorite of her original tunes) at the Marque Theatre in Tempe Arizona! Sorry for the shaky camera work and the notification on my phone at the beginning there; guess I can't even have a solid concert without someone emailing me something.
Got to meet her before the show! It was amazing!<br/><br/>
Performance at Birdie's Cafe in Kalaheo, HI on Jan 5, 2014.<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling playing Spontaneous Me LIVE at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on Feb 16, 2013
(open the rest of the description for her channels!!)

Support Lindsey by checking out her YouTube channels for more amazing videos, behind the scenes, and more!
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here -

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Live performance of Moon Trance, Spontaneous Me and Shadows by Lindsey Stirling at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Lindsey Stirling performing Spontaneous me and Shadows at Kulturhuset - Stockholm

The audioquality isnt that great in this clip. Its recorded with a cellphone and the volume was quite high so thats the reason for why the audio isnt perfect. Quite okay picture and i was close to the stage. I Prob was the only one not jumping and dancing in the audience since i was recording! Later on in the show i just couldnt take it anymore and went crazy myself just dancin and dancin! Enjoy!<br/><br/>
Spontaneous Me -Lindsey Stirling (original song)
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Lindsey Stirling Live Spontaneous me

My cover for the contest. I did a mashup of Zi-Zi's Journey and Spontaneous Me. I played all of the acoustic and electric guitar parts, as well as the piano. It was quite a bit of of work crammed into just a few days but I managed to pull it off. I had more planned for it but I didn't have enough time. It was a lot of fun to make, so enjoy!<br/><br/>
Lindsey Stirling live at UNCW!

Order her album NOW!!!

Lindsey Stirling Channel<br/><br/>
Spontaneous me by Lindsey Stirling, learned by ear...probs not my best but i havent uploaded a video in a while<br/><br/>
Live footage of Lindsey Stirling performing Spontaneous Me in Chicago, Illinois

Lindsey's video of Spontaneous Me:

Lindsey's Channel:<br/><br/>
Live at Webster Hall, NYC - May 16, 2012
We present this live performance of Lindsey Stirling's Spontaneous Me. The first single off her new album!

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