Life and Stuff: stydia AUs and stuff on Instagram: “Stydia family AU ❤ Good Life - One Republic God I messed this uppp and I know it's so short :( 🙆ugh. By the

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“Stydia family AU ❤ Good Life - One Republic God I messed this uppp and I know it's so short :( 🙆ugh. By the way guys, all my "AUs" are fake scenes so…”
“Nia performing "Star In Your Own Life" in Melbourne last night! All the moms were there , Abby and the girls were doing other stuff!…”
Седьмой эпизод второго сезона, две серии - "Сметрельно-замечательная жизнь Диба" и "Гир сходит с ума и всё такое"
("Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom" и " GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff").

Английский язык, русские субтитры.
November 20, 2014 Showbox Seattle
Q&A 12 Ask anything - Questions and Answers ask John anything!

John Flickster
Right Stuff/Larger Than Life - Nick and Knight (Baltimore) 10.17.14
9/20/14 - The Right Stuff/Larger Than Life Medley - Nick and Knight Tour - Murat Theatre - Indianapolis, IN
New questions and answers. This is Q&A 10, I answer anything the viewers ask and talk about movies, life and much more.


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John Flickingers - ASK ANYTHING
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A guide on life...and stuff in 5 quick minutes...
Officer Max, double Max & double Chloe test.
LifeIsStrange lis mod
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Великобритания, 2012
Режиссёр: Kumar Satkunarasa
This is my final year animation completed as part of my degree at Bournemouth University. I guess the looming prospect of getting a job and getting on with the rest of my life played into the vibe of the animation, some people find it quite depressing and others find it funny (I was trying for the latter). You can watch the initial animatic I pitched to my tutors and fellow students here: Email:
Stuff :

Just showing the Cargo Placement system I've been working on the past few days, also we show you the Dodge Viper made by our new developer Jonzie. We also take a look at a new helicopter Dezkit has been working on for us, and we demonstrate some of the skins made by Kurtt.

Laszlo - Don't Look Down
Pegboard Nerds ft. Elizaveta-Hero (Stonebank Remix)

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