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Leven Mervox

Как коротка жизнь...
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Анимационно-Музыкальная Лаборатория

Upcoming Syrian talent Waddah Al Naimy "Leven Mervox" is the man behind this debut release, an epic Episode of two amazing tunes. Waddah's recent tunes were signed to big trance labels like; Armada and Undervise Records. Two beautiful tunes were included in this EP.

Silent Scream: a breathtaking beautiful trance tune, with amazing melodies, outstanding orchestral sounds, and perfectly done vocal chops, Melodic trance in its best.

Touching the Moon: a bit faster tune, Very emotional melody an
http://bit.ly/17yZc88 You can download the full track here .
Armin van Buuren ASOT 614 23-05-2013