Lepke: Лепке / Lepke (перевод Антон Алексеев), Lepke.1975, Lepke-75, Kaczor Feri - Kék szárnyú Lepke, Louie Lepke 'boutta Bob Marley, BARRINGTON LEVI - Quick


Драма о самом крупном еврейском гангстере двадцатого века Лепке Бухалтере. Он контролировал в Нью-Йорке модные ателье, продажу обуви, выпечку хлеба и кондитерских изделий, даже кинопрокат, заправлял огромной империей рэкета и контрабанды. Нанятые им киллеры убили более 80 человек. Охоту на Бухалтера начинает окружной прокурор Дьюи.
Kaczor Feri - Kék szárnyú Lepke

Из фильма Land of Look Behind
Here we have a 1980 12" disco 45 on Joe Gibbs Music records with Barrington Levi wanting out of his failed marriage, having been seduced by his wife's pretty looks. Lui Lepke follows up with a raw rap and I'm sorry about the few skips during his deejaying, hope it doesn't disturb the flow too much. This is followed up on the flip by "G wan and Lef Me" - the dub by Joe Gibbs And The Professionals.
inna de dancehall 1981:

Rub a dub...with LIVE band!...in the style of more famous DJ, Lone Ranger.

I like this clip because it gives the feeling of transition from Bob Marley's era (which lingered on past its prime) into the trim and lean dancehall era. Marley had just died, and the dancehall puts him and the 70s world of roots reggae to bed!!

Lowell was a Conscientious Objector (C.O.) who like Jehovah's Witnesses (J.W.) were opposed to WWII on ethical grounds. For this reason he was "given a year" in West Street Jail in 1943.

The reason why he quotes "hardly passionate Marlborough Street" is that William James, the philosopher, gives it as an example of understatement "Marlborough is hardly a passionate street"

A "hospital tuck" is a neat way of making a bed.

Abramowitz may have been "a jaundice yellow" because he
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