Lemaitre - Time to Realize: Lemaitre - Time to Realize (Official Video), Lemaitre - 'Time To Realize' live @ 3voor12 Radio

Lemaitre - Time to Realize

Director: Johannes Greve Muskat DoP: Lasse Nyhaugen Grading: JGM Edit: JGM and Lasse Nyhaugen Dancing and Choreography by Danby Choi Detainee: Vu Tran Guards: Øystein Tronstad and Martin Steen Reymert Super special thanks to Charlie Curran, SiO v/Arve Grimsmo and Field Productions

In 2012, Norwegian duo, Lemaître, released Time to Realize, a 3-minute track filled with monumental synths, bright pianos, funky guitar riffs, and a stunning set of vocals. Did you know the french electro hit came with a music video too? That’s right!

Under direction from the skillful Johannes Greve Muskat, the pair put out quite an interesting visual bit. We’re not exactly sure what’s going on in the picture, but we’re definitely loving the dance routine. Check it out below!

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